Every work site that is exposed to different hazardous content which can harm the physical state of the worker is required to have a work site risk assessment. Worksite risk assessments are essential because this depicts how qualified your company is to continue with your production. Failure to comply with this particular safety necessities gives businesses risks at court, and in most severe cases, a complete shutdown of your whole company.

In this infographic, we will discuss the different steps on how companies should administer risk assessments in their work site premises, and tips on how to prolong safety measures inside the work site. Here are a few considerations that you can consider:

  • Identify the Hazards – Hazardous areas can be easily assessed if there are proper safety signages around the city. If a work site is labeled correctly starting from its exterior and the interior regions, evaluate the risk will be easy and will not take up a lot of time to process.
  • Conduct Regular Inspections of Equipment – As much as how important on how you operate every single day for your business, it is also essential for you to regularly check your equipment. Periodically reviewing your gear enables you to look into tools that are not properly maintained and stored, having even a checklist that predicts all the available materials inside the work site allows you to have a clear mind when it comes to preventing accidents inside your facility.

To learn more about the different tips on how you can conduct a successful worksite risk assessment for your facility, you may check the infographic below created by Progressive Safety Equipment.

Work site Risk Assessment: 6 Steps to Follow (Infographic)