I will start studying from Monday!

I will start it from today only!

Only a few days are left for the exam!

Shit, I seriously need to start now! How am I going to clear the exam?

These are the few common sentences that just keep on going in the mind of every student when you start preparing for anything. You all will surely agree with me; I know.

Now the crux! How to start GRE Preparation?

GRE- Graduate Record Examination is the most important step to reach to the GMAT. But still, there are many among you who are thinking how to start the preparation. Well, this will keep on going but now or then you have to study.

  1. Start with a practice test which will allow you to know the materials in deep. Basically, it will give you a sneak peak or what actually comes in the exam. You will get to know that what kind of questions come in each section and how you can start the concept reading. Your reading and the quantitative section will give you the idea of different concepts. Through this, you will start strong only. you can do this with GRE preparation online.
  2. While practicing you can know the weakness and the strengths of the exam and can work on them. See every student is not same and every mind too, so each one of you must be having some strengths and the weaknesses. If you get to know in the starting stage only then you can work on them. Through reading you can garner the points and prepare on them.
  3. See just don’t follow the rat race. You need to be different so make a different strategy. Just one practice test will not work for you. If you are thinking that you can clear your exam with just one test then let me tell you that you might clear your test but will not be able to pick that speed. So practice more and more and in different ways so that you can boost your ability.
  4. Increase your study time day by day. I can totally understand that on the very first day you can’t study for long hours. But being remained at that time only will not make you grab everything best. Enhance your study time and catch it with different resources. Just make a routine and increase 15 minutes on that and try to do different topic every hour. Don’t stick to one book a day; you will get bored.
  5. Newspapers and magazines can be the best aid you can give to yourself. Students who are not used to of reading it; get the habit of it. You will get knowledge on multiple things and this will be tremendously helpful for you. This will also sharpen the skills you might not have worked on by yourself.

The most important part is the tutor under whose guidance you are. They might be the one who can understand you better than you. So choose your teacher wisely and this is why I recommend you for online classes.