The policy of work-from-home has long been considered a weak point by regular white-collar jobs. However, recent studies state that it is a win-win situation for both the company and its employees. Professor Nicholas Bloom, Department of Economics, Stanford University, also called working from home a ‘future looking technology’ in his TedX talk. The experts at Searchline Database, a leading database management company, couldn’t agree more. They believe that India could be one of the early adopters of this policy, since it adheres to the country’s busy lifestyle.

With the Indian roads struggling to fit vehicles and traffic jams forcing people to go less than 5 kilometers an hour; it is evident that walking is faster than driving. Wasting more than 2 hours every day on the roads, the average Indian worker secretly wishes to work from the comfort of his/her home. Also, with pollution on the rise, the work-from-home policy can benefit the environment too. The arrangement can reduce traffic jams on the road, thereby decreasing the driving time and in turn, pollution.

The list of benefits that work-from-home offers is long. With jobs taking up a lot of personal time, owing to the infamous work pressure, working from home can be a sigh of relief. The imbalance in the personal and professional lives can lead to dissatisfaction with the job, and can be a reason for deteriorating health. People with the option to work from home are found to be more satisfied and happier with their jobs.

Health is one of the major aspects that play a vital role in this scenario. Many a times, employees take sick leaves, and if not, they bring along the risk of spreading the diseases they are carrying. With work-from-home coming into play, people feel healthier and are away from the risk of catching contagious diseases like cold and flu, stated an expert at Searchline Database.

Compared to the offices which force employees to work in their facilities, the productivity is much higher for the ones which let employees work from the comfort of their homes. Employees working from home customize their schedule, and thus, work with unaltered dedication in the setup.

In a country with hard-working people, it is mandatory to give them the freedom of working from home. It not only will add job-satisfaction but also put an end to the false notions, such as decreased productivity. A direct result of work-from-home policies will be increased employee retention, which usually is hard to come by.