Are you worried about your body texture being too slim ??

well, your problem is going to solve here! Just sit and relax.Just like women, Men are also conscious of themselves. Either it’s their hair or their skin.But what about the body? do they don’t care for their body? do they don’t require the vitamins minerals and proteins?

Again the answer is a perfect YES. Men need more protein to build up their body whereas women need more carbohydrates and iron.Studies show that men who do more workout require more protein to enhance their body and build up muscles.

Although you can get the readymade market products of protein powder, having the natural product have their own benefits.

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For choosing the protein we will help you out here.although taking natural protein in the form of egg protein, soy protein is best for nutrient diet but adding these to your diet will give a tremendous change in your routine.

Buttery Peanut Chocolate Protein Shake – To make this protein shake you need to add peanut flour, which is made from pure peanuts with skimmed milk, eggs, cocoa, and almonds. Adding 1 spoon of your market brought protein powder will be a benefit to this home recipe.

Rich Green Banana Protein Shake – This shake is a complete diet in itself, it contains lots of nutrients which are required for the fit body. You need to blend bananas, vanilla extract, spinach leaves, almonds or nuts, and skimmed milk. You can also add protein powder depending on your workouts schedules..  Having this rich protein shake daily after the gym sessions will help you to recover the wear and tear of muscles and will also boost the rapid development of the body.

Creamy Delightful Soy Oatmeal Protein Shake – This one is especially for health-conscious gym freaks people who prefer to eat a vegetarian diet. This shake is rich in vegetarian protein sources as it is made by blending soy milk, peanuts, bananas, honey and oats into the skimmed milk. You can add protein powder in accordance with the proportion of your gym schedules. This creamy protein shake will give you an adequate protein needed for a day’s workout in the gym.

Yogurt Almond Chia protein Shake – Another best protein shake that blends the power hidden in yogurt, raspberry, chia seeds, and almonds. what You need to do is to add protein powder depending on the gym workout and remember to take it chilled. You can have this protein shake 2 times, both as a pre and post workout diet. 

Nutritious Peach Banana Protein Shake – This is a flavored and healthy protein shake recommended for those men who want to boost their muscle development. You should essentially have this protein shake daily after your gym session, as it will fulfill the protein needs of your body.  You need to blend cottage cheese, banana, frozen peaches, and honey mask together to make this rich flavored protein shake. Add 2-3 spoons of protein powder to make a power packed protein shake for your complete muscle development