Tips For Instagram marketing

In case, you are one of the active monthly users on Instagram, you know the power of social network these days as a marketing platform. It is always a prime place for promoting products and connecting with customers. You can further reach some new people within the set market. Everyone is working on it but that’s not the question. The real question is whether your business can find success using this same platform or not. Even if you want to gain success, how will you do it? Let’s find out the answer.

Trying to run branded hashtag contests on Instagram:

You can try using some Instagram contest tools to build amazing hashtag contest for a brand. These tools are awesome as these will automatically make the contests quite mobile-friendly. It is a necessity for an Instagram contest.

  • You can build the page using any one of the templates and put together awesome prize pack with attention-grabbing posts. You can work on some ads if your budget permits so.
  • Entrants will upload photos with the branded hashtag of your choice. Those photos will then appear in gallery automatically on the contest page for people to vote.
  • Enabling voting option will allow collecting email addresses, which is a key to build the email list and generate more sales.

Run Instagram sweepstakes:

Even though hashtag contests are amazing for growing Instagram followers, asking entrants to upload a picture with branded hashtags on the profile can be a tiring job sometimes. If that is your case with brand and target market, you can consider running Instagram Sweepstakes as a substitute option.

  • The entry procedure is somewhat different. Using a contest app, you have to create a sweepstake page featuring contest based info, prize and the type of info you want to collect from participants.
  • After that, you need to schedule a set of Instagram stories or posts to inform followers about sweepstakes with CTA, directing them to join the newly created page.
  • Sweepstakes will work great when you have a budget set for the ad. Instagram ads will be only a proven way to present people with you post based external link. It will send followers to sweepstake page easily and won’t be rather crucial to collect emails.

Bonus entry contests for more followers:

Instagram marketing is amazing but will be of no use if you don’t have anyone to market to. Whether you have any new business to set on Instagram or looking for ways to expand your current one, bonus entry contest can be rather helpful sometimes.

  • These bonus entry contests are perfect ways to grow the following numbers and drive engagement on various social platforms.
  • These contests will work brilliantly for increasing the current social following as these are directly rewarding the entrants engaging with business on social media channels.

If you want, you can run Instagram ads for contests too. These are great tricks to market on Instagram and get the follower count you have wanted. The growth in the follower base will ultimately help in growing your business. This platform is here to stay for long, providing you with more marketing ideas.