Instagram In Email Marketing Campaigns

Social media to marketing is equivalent to good wine to right cheese. They function right on their own, but they can turn out to be way better when strategically paired together. Right now, social sharing is more like the crux of multiple content initiatives. You have Facebook retargeting doors for enterprise organizations and similarly for SBEs. On the other hand, the market has LinkedIn, which will take some extra steps to power up the lead generation techniques. So, where will the selfie pictures of Instagram fit?

If you ever have this thought that overly hashtagged and image-heavy platform of Instagram has no marketing utility then it is time for you to look at it through the different filter. Let’s get some points straight out for the starters. With 500 million active users and 300 million of them logging daily, it is not clever to say that Instagram holds no power. It will be no doubt a shame for all the marketers to just miss engaging with this highly demanding and popular social media platform.

There is a running joke where it is stated that social media platforms are better before marketers will charge in and ruin the strategies. However, the reality is, social channels are where customers are now. So, trying to join them in a clever way can always deliver business benefit. With this point in mind, there are some proven ways available that Instagram is used for powering email marketing campaigns. It further helps in driving engagement as well.

Why go for Instagram:

Before you work on followers for Instagram, you need to know why actually head towards Instagram? When you ever consider that key towards successful marketing is to deliver value to an audience on a channel of preference, it is no wonder to state that brands are looking for various ways to get more followers continually on the popular platform. Moreover, Instagram is so popular that some forecasts state that more companies will be using Instagram than Twitter for marketing within a few years’ time.

As Instagram has become a powerful form of the social channel, it is of sheer madness if you cannot find any ways to leverage it for marketing based initiatives, mainly with email campaigns. The time has come to actually explore ways to work on that first.

Ways to use Instagram for boosting email engagement:

There are around upwards of 205 billion emails, which might infiltrate inboxes on a daily basis. So, getting a click here means the brands have to work hard to stand out. You have smart marketers, who are integrating social and some email marketing based strategies as part of this customer-centric Omnichannel approach. The best part is that the service will work.

Some reports further indicate that Instagram helps in delivering 58 times more engagement per follower when compared to Facebook. It is an impressive 120 times more than what you have generated by those tweets. In a case study already presented, online fitness retailer will garner seven times the engagement related to 24 hours of a period. It can work after you have inserted Instagram images in emails.

More points to know:

There are some emails featuring button links to social media pages for the firms. But adding a live feed is rather way more effective than before. With few forms of HTML code tweaks along with a small amount of customization, the IT team can always accomplish your task. You can easily be on your way to realizing engagement boosts as presented through some online sources.

Other than making the emails visually stimulating, there is another benefit of adding a live social feed to email campaign based templates. It will help your content to be updated automatically and in real time. It helps in saving marketing department not just resources but time. It further guarantees to deliver content, which is always relevant and fresh. This step is primarily important for the B2B brand as it is similar to the B2C brand.

Not just live feed:

Don’t just stop your hunt at live feed only. You can try using Instagram popularity in expanding the reach and showcase the brand culture in the best manner possible. The human side of a business is more or less compelling of a message as the sales pitch, which is many times more so. Instagram is also a great way to help engage new followers, communicate well with the brand’s value to people in the current discovery platform and encourage some interactions. You further have to encourage contests and giveaways.

What is next on the list?

Instagram may not be that of an obvious choice for the B2B marketers, but do not make that decision fool you. There are so many B2B brands available, which are leveraging Instagram with great success. Social media these days are way more than just your basic digital popularity contest. It is like excelling hinges on thoughtful content creation, humanization of brand and more.

Use of some platform giants like Twitter or Facebook is ubiquitous among B2C and B2B companies. But, what can you state about Instagram? This is a mobile-friendly video and photo app, which might not be that of an obvious choice for the B2B brands. However, it helps in holding loads of unexplored opportunity. You have to take some time out and look for ways to understand how winning B2B brands are leveraging Instagram and how you can follow the same rule as well.

Some concluding points:

The business case designed for Instagram remains quite clear. Apart from the numbers as mentioned already, consumers are termed to be more mobile and digital than ever before, these days. They even crave for connection and convenience from a brand. There is no better way to deliver accurate results other than utilizing mobile app, built on engagement driven and digestible visuals. Whether you are working on B2C or B2B, Instagram can always help you to get some more traction from any of your available social initiatives out there in the market. You need to be aware of the ways to use Instagram in email-based campaigns, and you are off to a great start.