Tips For Successful Event Planning with Facebook

Social media networking websites have made it easy for professionals to connect with other workforce and clients. Talking about event planning, Facebook is the most vital tools the planner has at his/her disposal. Obviously, people involved with the event planning using other planners can utilize Facebook and see the difference.

Event planning is not an easy thing. It requires step by step procedure to be executed efficiently. At times, it can become stressful. To make it less stressful; provided here are the top tips for successful event planning with Facebook.

Event Planning With Facebook

Discover/Invent Ideas

There are hundreds and thousands of users from event planning background or with relevant background on the Facebook. You can search them through using effective keywords to discover innovative ideas for your event. In fact, it would be good if you can connect with this people and let them suggest some ideas and tricks.

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Find and endorse sponsors

For event planners, it is easy to find sponsors in the Facebook which would like to throw the event. They are recognized by their status on their Facebook page saying “sponsor” or by many of its posts that describes it as a sponsor. Below mention are some usual ways to endorse sponsor for their contribution:

Post updates

Make an album of their logos

Let the sponsor introduce with the guest note about their services or brand

Use any videos that the sponsor has of her/his company

Stay in touch and get more people involved

The part of succession planning is all about staying in touch with making everyone involved in the project. Facebook allows users to make a closed group that can other users see. Only members of the closed group are allowed for any interaction or participation. Professional event planners take advantage of this kind of features as it benefits him/her by interacting with customer, clients and other professionals involved in the event planning.

The searching vendor, photographers, and journalists

With over 80 million active Facebook users, it is not tough to find professional from the area of this field for your event. With Facebook, some of these tasks have been relatively easy to find people and hiring for the work of the event. Since; the professionals have already been updated with the portfolios of their work which makes the task easier about which to choose.

Selling tickets

It is one of the toughest parts of event planning that is making easy for the attendees to buy tickets for the event. These days, different companies have a tie-up with Facebook to help event professionals sync their tickets with their brands making it easy for people to buy them. Furthermore, some companies also offer special offers or discount on the purchase of the tickets of the event through Facebook.

Post-event follow-ups

The real thing is after the completion of an event, use your Facebook page to increase the awareness of the celebration held. Provide it with images, short videos etc. Thank people for participating and ask for the feedback by asking questions or survey links and by inviting them to stay connected by subscribing to the company’s newsletter or forum.

These simple and basic tips can help greatly to plan a successful event with Facebook. It is indeed an essential an inexpensive tool through which you can turn your mediocre event to a full-blown celebration.