With the time, the prominence of outbound call centers has increased more than ever because these offer impressive services that help the business owners to increase the profit.

Have you ever thought how outbound call centers provide remarkable third-party verification services or any other?

The answer is KPIs (key performance indicators) that boost the productivity of businesses. There are several KPIs available that could be helpful for the business but there are some on which revenue levels depend.

Apart from that, outbound call center services are always recommended to those company owners who have a desire to experience the real taste of the success.

Today, we are going to tell you about the top outbound call center KPIs that play crucial roles in maintaining the productivity levels. So have a look:

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of calls that ended in a successful sale. In some cases, it also means a successful contact with a potential customer. To make outbound call center services more demanding, it is imperative to increase the conversion rate.

Apart from that, a low conversion rate increases the cost per lead, which, in turn, affects the business’s bottom line.

Outbound call centers of Australia keep their eye on this KPI in order to know the number of sales, survey questions answered, and appointments made.

First Call Close

The first call close is very important KPI from the business’s point of view because it shows the number of sales that agents made in the first attempt. This metric is also deemed as the tool that can help to measure the quality of astonishing outbound call centre services.

However, closing a sale on the first call isn’t an easy task to accomplish. That’s the main reason why outbound call centers make suitable changes in their strategies after a short period of time.

For the sake of high FCC, outbound call centers invest so much money to appoint script writers so that agents can close the deal by using reliable sales scripts.

Calls per Agent

Calls per agent show whether agents are doing their work properly or not. With the help of this metric, outbound call centers can easily find out their top-performing agents. Furthermore, it would be very easy to get to know about those agents who are falling behind.

In order to increase CPA, outbound call centers try to leave no stone unturned while improving the working environment. Apart from that, skill development programs are conducted so that agents can learn things that can help to increase the productivity levels.

Automatic diallers play a vital role to boost this metric because these not only keep the human errors at bay but also help to make a maximum number of calls.

Average Hold Time

To boost the productivity levels, outbound call centers use automatic dialers. Due to the automatic dialing system, sometimes potential customers have to wait on the call to get connected with the agents. From the business’s perspective, this isn’t good at all.

This is so because average hold time is directly proportional to the call abandonment rate. For the sake of better profitability, it is paramount to keep the hold time near zero.

Average call length

To get better sales results, it is believed agents should communicate with potential customers for a couple of minutes. But when an agent keeps himself/herself busy on a sales call, it simply means the wastage of time and resources.

Average call length shows the average time that agents spend on a call. For the business growth, it is crucial to reduce the average call length. That’s the main reason why outbound call center agents are supposed to remember the following benefits:

  • Long phrases shouldn’t be used.
  • Always stick to the point while explaining the benefits of products or services.
  • Always give precise answers so that the average number of questions that prospects may ask gets reduced.

Occupancy rate

Occupancy rate shows the time that agents spend on calls versus the time that they wasted. This KPI is so important because it shows agent’s overall productivity. In addition to this, outbound call centers always manage this metric with care.

This is so because if the occupancy rate is less than 70%, the productivity levels will decrease for sure. On the contrary, if this rate revolves around 85%, the hassle of high agent attrition rate could come out sooner rather than later.

Therefore, it is always suggested to keep this metric between 70% and 80% in order to maintain a healthy balance.