Camping is like taking a day off to relax. But this could last overnight or even for the entire weekend.

This is the best way you and your friends can kick back and unwind after a hard week of work. The morning freshness, clear air and dewy surrounding has the power to get you rejuvenated. But with so much to do with friends or family in your camps, what are some of the activities you should never miss? Here is a look.

#1. Tracking Wildlife

As dangerous as this may sound, it actually adds some adventure to the whole camping experience. To start off, you can carry out some basic research using books, internet or asking the region’s game warden to find out the various wild animals in the region.
You should also ask the park ranger or the people with knowledge to help you and your company track the wild animals. Explore the habitats of the animals, learn more about their prints, food, gait and their scat.

#2. Hiking

You can also get out of the family camping tent and enjoy this pleasurable activity. You can ride on your bike or take a walk and explore areas you and your friends have never seen before. This is in fact a great way to exercise and a team building activity that will involve every member. To power up the lazy bones, you can makeup a chant or a song.

Backpacking or Hiking camping is a bit more for the experienced campers. Think about it…everything you think you are going to need you have to be able to strap to your back and carry it for quite a distance. You have to be able to pack well and pack light!

#3. Star Watching

Watching the StarsWhen living in the city, there are things you will always miss like gazing at the stars. But when you go out for a camp, you can sleep under the open sky on camping nights and enjoy the different constellations and stars. As childish as this may appear, it is actually fun trying to remind yourself of the various constellations.

#4. Fishing

Fishing for your food during camping is one of the most satisfying and appetizing activities. In fact, this is the chance to show your culinary skills to your friends. But what next after you make a catch? You should consider cooking it. You can either roast it with the campfire or get a camping stove.
This can be purchased from any store, it need not necessarily be bulky and heavy, and any good quality and light weight stove can serve the purpose during camping. Small stoves are the best choice for a stove while camping in which even travel utensils can also fit into.

#5. Boat Ride

As you still think of casting your fishing rod into the waters, you can jump into a raft or a boat and cruise the waters with your friends.
Boat RidingThe gentle sounds of the calm lake or swamp will help soothe your nerves. If you don’t have a boat, there are areas you can go tubing if your so wish. But this will also be fun if you are the more adventurous type.

#6. Photography

Nature PhotographyYou can capture each beautiful moment of your friends or the wild in your camera. This will keep the memories fresh and inspire you to go for more camping trips. So make sure you have enough battery and plenty of memory to store the photos.

#7. Game Time

The camp is not complete until you try out some games. Some of the top games you can try include:

• Truth or Dare

• Red Rover

• Hide and Seek

• Duck, Duck

• Treasure Hunt

These games will keep everyone engaged and as childish as some may sound, they are fun-filled for you and your fellow campers.
A good deck of cards can also be played around a campfire, in the tent or at the picnic table.