Wedding flowers are a big deal. You will go over everything else in detail, but flowers, they are neglected, most of the time. Outdoor weddings require even more flowers, and therefore, it is up to you to select the most perfect ones for this best day of your life. Given below are the top 7 beautiful wedding flowers, which can also be used for outdoor weddings, no matter the heat, the salt, or even the sunlight!

1) Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the classic way of decorating an outdoor wedding and party. They are like the obvious choice, considering the fact that they are the only flowers who can stay in direct sunlight if need be. Sunflowers absolutely love the light – they relish it! Therefore, being a part of an outdoor wedding will be absolutely delightful, even if the wedding has just a slight bit of light. Besides, they are sure to add a sunny, bright side to your calm and serene wedding – an absolute eye candy.

2) Protea

Proteas are considered as one of the novelty flowers, and this one will right here just blow your mind right away. These blooms have originated from the forests of South Africa as well as the Australian Outback, indicating that they can survive in the blistering heat along with the cold weather – just about any environment. They also work quite beautifully in arrangements – the blooms look like that they are differently and uniquely handcrafted for specifically you. They also work perfectly as wedding anniversary flowers, so that you don’t have to worry about which flowers to give away on your first wedding anniversary.

3) Air Plants

Air plants might not feel like wedding flowers, but they are, in their own way, beautiful, firm and handy, making them one of the strangest and most unique entries in beautiful flowers for outdoor weddings. These blooms have originated from the deserts of Southern US and have come along the long way along Central America into South America. This has given them the ability to tolerate high temperatures and sunlight. They are available for flowers delivery france  Italy, Russia, London, Canada and everywhere around the World – all you have to do is click the button online, and you’ll get them days before your wedding day!

4) Carnations

Carnations owe its beauty to the Mediterranean region and are one of the long-lasting cut flowers in the World, thanks to its evolution under the warm coastal sun and a particular readiness for environmental changes. They are sure to add a dainty and slight feminine touch to your outdoor wedding, along with being the most attention-grasping, strongest blooms that is out there.

5) Roses

Roses are considered as the King of the flower kingdom – and rightly so! They can constantly grow and thrive at the center of the World, as they grow perfectly in hot and humid weather. These blooms can handle the temperature and rise in it with grace and dignity since they crave sun and heat. These flowers are so versatile that you can send wedding gifts online, the gifts being these gorgeous blooms.

6) Daisies

Daisies are one of the most practical, versatile and undoubtedly, the cutest blooms around here. They, naturally work great for outdoor weddings, owing to the fact that they can naturally grow in any location across the World, with the exception of Antarctica. These blooms are bright, cheerful, peppy, making anyone smile in your outdoor Wedding ceremony.

7) Tropicals

Tropical flowers consist of those unique blooms, which are just that – tropical. Orchids, anthurium, birds of paradise come from the Equator and therefore can handle the blame of heat and humidity. They are often used in contemporary and abnormal arrangements, which means that you can use them to brighten up your outdoor wedding with unique flower arrangements made from these gorgeous flowers. They will naturally help turn the World around you into an elegant, utterly stunning display of colors and vibrancy.

These blooms mentioned above are some of your best shots out there to complement your wedding ceremony. Some of them are bright and cheerful, while some of them exclude elegance and grace – it is up to you that you select those blooms which will cater to your needs perfectly.