Many times we came across a situation when we have a large number of PDF documents and want to share some portion or couple of pages with another person. Then, we search for some professional utility which is capable enough to split large PDF files reliably. Therefore, considering all the requirements of the user, we have discussed 5 simple solutions in the blog. These solutions enable the user to split PDF into separate documents without any data loss. Also, the complete working of each solution to split large PDF into smaller files is described along with their advantages & disadvantages.

1- Adobe Acrobat Pro Program

With Adobe Acrobat Pro application users can easily divide large PDF files. To perform the procedure a user should follow these steps:

1- Open the application software Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

2- Click on the File menu option

3- After that, select PDF document that has to be split

4- Move towards Document menu and click Split Document

5- A split document screen is shown to the user containing options –

A number of pages: select the maximum number of pages per split

File size: Divide large PDF file by maximum size.

Top level bookmarks: Set up bookmarks before using the option.

Note :

1) To divide PDF into multiple pages click on ‘Apply to Multiple’

2)Click Add File option to select the PDF for splitting & click OK

Save resultant PDF documents at any desired location & click OK


1- Tool split PDF into separate documents without any data loss

2- Divide PDF file into small sizes


1- Complex and lengthy steps

2- Full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro is needed

2- SysTools PDF Splitter Tools

It is a reliable utility to divide large PDF files into several parts. Follow these simple steps given below:

1- Install and run the PDF splitter software

2- Click Browse button to select PDF document

3- Browse destination location to save the resultant files

4- In the options menu, select any option from a) Page b) Range c) Even Page d) Odd Page

5- Hit, Process button to begin the procedure

6- A confirmation message is displayed to the user.


1- Simple & Easy steps are involved

2- Different options to split PDF document

3- Supports all Windows Operating System

4- Compatible with all types of PDF files

5- Free software to split PDF into separate documents

6- Tool has self-explanatory options


1- Only supports only Windows OS not compatible with Mac

3- Google Chrome

Google Chrome provides the facility to divide large PDF files. For this a user has to follow these steps carefully:

split pdf by chrome

1- Open the PDF online using its URL or by using keyboard shortcut i.e. Ctrl+O (Windows) or Command+O (Mac) to open a local PDF from your computer

2- Click the print option which you use normally while printing the files in Chrome

Note: We don’t actually print it! Use the Change… button to change the “Destination” to be “Save as PDF”.

3- Now, to split PDF into separate documents navigate towards “Pages” option, uncheck the ‘All’ option and click the other one with the text box.

4- Type the pages which you want to split.

But, for example, if you want to split PDF as 3, 5-6, 8 then, the user has to perform the same process 3 times which is quite time-consuming.


1- Quick and easy to use when Chrome is installed

2- Provides large page previews

3- Facility to extract single page or range of pages


1- This method is applicable for a single PDF document

2- User has to print several times in order to make multiple PDF documents

4 – PDFsam (PDF Split & Merge)

Follow these simple steps and divide PDF :

1- Download the tool to split large PDF files

2- Click Browse option to select PDF document

3- If the file is password protected enter it

4- Select any option from – Split after every page, even pages, odd pages, split after the following page numbers, split by “n” page & split by size

5- Browse the location for resultant PDF document


1- Provides multiple options to divide large PDF files

2- Simple and reliable utility to split PDF into separate documents


1- Users cannot preview PDF pages from inside the PDFsam program

5- A- PDF Split

It is the another simple & desktop based utility to divide large PDF files into smaller parts. To perform the PDF splitting by this tool follow these simple steps:

1- Download the tool & browse PDF document

2- Select Range and split option

3- Browse destination location for output PDF

4- View the output PDF document


Here, we have covered five simple methods to split PDF into separate documents. All of them have their own advantages & disadvantages. But, there are certain limitations to every application, some are paid while others are free. But, to divide large PDF files in a quick and reliable way, I would recommend using SysTools PDF Splitter software. It is the free utility to split large PDF files without any formatting issues.