Graphic design is one of the professions that strongly polarize. On the one hand, it is the artless art whose representatives beat their ears with hard-earned contracts. On the other hand, graphic design is a much-admired art form that is used in an incredible number of professional fields. These include advertising, marketing and all media. To get started as a designer, you need a sound education. Without question, there are also many excellent self-taught designers, but who is not animated with this talent, should rely on a solid, extensive education.

Just as diverse as the job opportunities as a designer are, so are the study opportunities. Throughout Germany, we have selected the best and most interesting design degree programs for you.


1.      University of the Arts Berlin – Visual Communication

The renowned study program Visual Communication covers the planning, realization and communication of visible information in two or three dimensions. The areas of graphic design, illustration, information design, advertising, exhibition design, new media, time-based media and photography form the center. This gives students an overarching approach to many different topics.

After an introductory two-semester undergraduate degree, the study begins in the specialist classes of the professors. The students develop knowledge and skills by working on concrete projects.


2.      SAE Institute – Web design & Development

The web design & development course covers topics related to the World Wide Web – from traditional websites to the rapidly growing market of web application development including mobile apps. Here, both industry standards and top storm Web development technologies are taught. Knowledge transfer in HTML, CSS, and Java, PHP and User Interface Design (UX) and much more is of course also on the program.

The program is very practical (75%) and project-based and is available in the cities of Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart!


3.      University of Applied Sciences Munich – Communication Design

The field of study communication design trains designers for the topics and work fields illustration, publication, teaching material, websites, signs and signets, operating and operating instructions, information graphics, photography, orientation systems, corporate identity. Designing tools include graphic, typographic, illustrative and photographic computer-aided digital information media, as well as networking and interactivity techniques. In addition to the practice-oriented communication design subjects, scientific-theoretical, business administration and legal subjects are already taken in the undergraduate studies.

The goal of the study is to train the students for a project- and application-related as well as an independent artistic and media-specific work in all fields of communication design.

4.      Hamburg University of Applied Sciences – Communication Design

The Communication Design degree program at HAW Hamburg is a general study program that combines the disciplines of advertising design, editorial design, photography, interactive design (web), typography, type design and time-related media (video / film). This allows aspiring communication designers to develop their individual profile and face the ever-changing demands of the professional world in a self-confident manner. The students learn to structure information and communicate it as messages. They plan, design and realize products using the expressive and creative means of visual communication – text, image and sound.


5.      Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle – Communication Design BA

The understanding of the intentions of communication, the meaning of the signs and not least their adequate transformation in the sense of the intentions are central areas of communication design. At this art college, students of communication design benefit from the proximity of art, fashion, interior design and adjacent design areas.


6.      Hochschule Konstanz – Communication Design MA

The master’s program Communication Design in Konstanz offers designers the opportunity to develop further. It leads to higher qualified competence and enables to implement and manage complex projects. The program focuses on design (eg design strategy, design rhetoric, design and space), application-oriented science (eg communication and media theory, semiotics and image theory), practical skills (eg presentation techniques, research techniques, usability) and social competence (eg intercultural communication and internationalization).

The master’s thesis meets the requirement of communication designers to develop innovative and contemporary concepts for a constantly changing society. The master’s program builds on the bachelor or diploma studies. It lasts three semesters and is completed with the title Master of Arts (MA).

Attention, not everyone can participate here! Only 20 applicants are selected each year. They are supervised by nine professors and numerous lecturers – an intensive apprenticeship for graduates with special ambitions. The Master of Arts degree should meet masterly demands and broaden the horizons. For designers who want to think ahead and achieve more!


7.      Hochschule Anhalt – Integrated Design BA

This integrated design study combines the three fields of communication design (2D), product design (3D) and media design (4D). Students have the opportunity to define individual focal points in order to learn how to use all the means of design – graphically, typographically, formally, photographically, cinematically, audibly and interactively. In various media, they train the use of digital and technological design tools – combined and coordinated, ie integrated. This design education at the height of time gives answers to the today’s coexistence of all varieties of the design. It conveys far-reaching design expertise. To find solution strategies is the intended goal of studying integrated design, because after all, that is exactly what is needed in professional life.

8.      Braunschweig University of Fine Arts – Design in digital society BA

The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Society is aimed at students who are interested in progressive and sustainable product design and who want to use current digital design and production techniques to innovate dynamic, holistic processes.

The spectrum of study offers ranges from artistic-design basics to social and cultural-scientific aspects to digital design practices and production methods. In the center of the study design competence, user-oriented design, scientific work and team skills are trained. To act holistically responsibly and sustainably is the declared learning goal.


9.      College of Design – Communication Design

Whether in Berlin, Hamburg or Iserlohn, here you can lay the foundation for your creative career. Practical, personal and with special international opportunities, the College of Design in seven semesters allows a far more comprehensive study because today’s communication designers are not only creative minds but also nose gazers, frontier workers and occasionally even psychologists. All conceptual, creative and technical skills required in practice are taught. Creative basic knowledge is supplemented by individually selected emphases, such as editorial design, advertising and many other modules. In addition, an internship or semester abroad is part of the study, which is completed with the bachelor thesis.


10. Design Akademie Berlin – Communication Design BA

Once again back to the German capital. Understanding the visual identity of brands or companies and creating visual and virtual identities is the focus of the communication design program at the Design Akademie Berlin. On the syllabus, packaging design stands alongside advertising psychology, typography alongside design, art and media history, digital layout alongside printing technology. The internationally recognized bachelor program conveys a variety of design techniques as well as the conceptual know-how as a fundamental foundation. Classic graphic design, analog and digital photography, film and web development will be your tools.

All students are personally coached by professors and external lecturers from agencies and companies.


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This article is written by M Taha Khan. He is a professional blogger and content writer who writes for different blogs as a guest author. He is a passionate traveler, football lover and a digital marketing executive.