When we have time then some time we feel bored and we don’t know what we do for time pass or entertainment. Especially youngster feels irritation while free time. I think most of the people have no time for them self. Because they have so much work pressure. If they try to get few hours in a weak for them self they really feel happy. There are a lot of thing we can do when you’re bored. Let’s start:-
1. Internet is our very good friend. Because we never feel bored on internet. When you’re feeling bored you should try to use internet. On internet we can play games, listen songs, watch movie, chat with your friends etc. you can get lots of general knowledge from the internet. Spouse you at home and feel bored but you don’t have anything to do. If you like cartoon you can what cartoon on internet. I am sure you will never feel bored.
2. If you like to read books you should read your favorite Book. When I time then I always read my favorite book (the secret).
3. Clean your house when you are free. I know Boys don’t like this. But this is also good thing for time pass. When you clean you house or room even car. You spend some time for that.
4. Try to spend some time with you family or friends. Arrange small party and invite to your friends. Because we never feel bored with friends. Friends always make happy to each other hmm some time we fight with friends but this is important part of friendship.
5. Go outside for shopping I know girls First preference is shopping while free time. Girl like shopping so much. I don’t want to say but most of the boys don’t want to go for shopping with his girl friend’s because that time is very bad for his pocket. Girl’s please don’t mind.
6. You can go on long drive. If you love driving then go with your friend or girl friend. I understand petrol or diesel Price increase day by day but if riding or driving is your passion then doesn’t matter.
7. If you like cocking then make some special foods for your family and yourself.
8. Watch TV when you feel bored. Watch movie, Listen and watch songs and listen news what happen around of us.
Ways try to feel happy because when you feel happy you ever feel bored.