Any journey consists of trifles: well-chosen flights, beautiful hotels, and beautiful places in a new city or country. Even a well-organized trip can cause a great mood. For people who appreciate comfort, their own time and endless possibilities – the ideal option would be to rent a car.

The advantages of renting a car on a trip

So, now let’s talk about the positive aspects of renting a car on your journey, and what opportunities this opens for you:

  • Freedom of movement;
  • Planning your own time, not tied to public transport;
  • The chance to visit several cities, or even countries;
  • You can stay where you want and as long as you wish;
  • The possibility of traveling alone or with friends.

Cons of renting a car on a trip

If there are pros, then for sure you can find and cons. What are the negative sides of renting a car on your trip? Let’s look at these points:

  • Ability to get a penalty for non-compliance with local rules;
  • The costs associated with insurance and deductible;
  • Increased overall travel costs;
  • Responsibility for the used vehicle.

As can be seen from the previous paragraphs, the main disadvantages of renting a car are costs and expenses. But this is not always the case, because at Let Travel you can find nice options at the best prices.

What to consider when renting a car

The process of renting a car is quite a subject matter, but if you approach it wisely, you will be able to avoid major mistakes. Now we will talk with you about what you should pay attention to, what points should be raised for discussion with the agent and how not to get into an unpleasant situation.

  1. It should be understood that the price indicated on the website may not always be final. This is due to items such as the age of the driver and the presence of an additional driver. If you rent a car and you are less than 25 years old, then in many companies you will have to pay a fee for a young driver. In many, but not all. Even in companies of the same supplier, but conditions may vary in different countries. For example, in Greece, you can hire a car from car rental companies without an additional fee, while in London such a fee will be required. If you are not traveling alone, and you also want to drive with a partner, then, in this case, there is a fee for an additional driver. And if this driver is also young (under 25), then another fee for a young driver. As a result, the final rental price may differ significantly from the original, and it will dramatically upset
  2. Carefully approach the insurance. Different car rental companies have different rates for insurance and deposit. That is, when renting, you leave some amount of the deposit, which is blocked on your card, and in case of an incident, the company’s losses will be written off from this amount. To minimize the amount of the deposit, you can purchase insurance (here we are talking about insurance purchased from a car rental company). In this case, the deposit can be reduced to zero, and even in the case of theft or complete breakdown of the car, nothing will be taken from you.
  3. Check with the rental center if there are any restrictions on mileage or territory of departure. Very often, only a certain mileage limit per day is allowed, and in case of exceeding – you will be charged an additional fee. Or, for example, you decided to leave the territory of a region or a country, but according to the agreement, it is prohibited. The car may be a sensor, and the company learns about the violation. Accordingly, you will be charged a fine.
  4. Very carefully read the contract. There may be hidden items under the asterisks and small print, which to some extent may relate to your interests. And if you own information about all the nuances – then your trip will be unforgettable.

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Car rental with Let Travel

Why is it best to hire a car on Let Travel? It’s simple! We cooperate with significant providers of data services around the world. And this means that practically, wherever you go, you can rent a car and make your trip special and eventful.

You can take a car in one place (say at the airport) and return it in another (in another city, airport or the city center). This is very convenient, because your return flight can be from another airport, and not to get there by public transport – you can go by car.

We always try to inform our customers in advance about additional fees. That is why in the details of your booking you will see all the necessary information.

Before any trip, you should always weigh all the pros and cons, and understand whether a rented car will become a friend for you, or it will be a burden. Also, you can contact us, specify the details of your trip, and we will be happy to share information about the need to rent a car in a particular region, and where you can go from there. And it’s completely free! Travel with Let Travel and discover a new world!