Toggle Clamps are equipment used in carpentry. They are like a lever system with a handle. Their main job is to keep objects in one place. It consists of a handle to control the equipment and a holding bar to keep the clamp in place. Then the lever is used to hold to tighten the object so the object is kept in place. After this, the object won’t move or separate even if extreme force is applied. 

Different Types Of Toggle Clamps 

  1. Vertical Hold-Down Toggle Clamp: These are perfect for holding down any object which is supposed to be cut by a jigsaw. The handle of this positions straight up when it is locked. They can apply a great amount of pressure.
  1. Horizontal Hold-down Toggle Clamp: They are very similar to vertical Toggle clamps except for their alignment. It must be mounted on a table, and they are mainly used when there are limitations due to height. With this type of clamp, the securing arm and the handle start semi-vertical and the securing arm locks into place as the handle starts moving towards the table.
  1. Push-Pull Toggle Clamp: This is also known as straight line Toggle Clamp. It moves the securing bar in a straight line, as the name suggests. This type of clamp can hold two objects together at one time, for example, two pieces of wood. In this clamp the handle gets engaged and the securing arm pushes into the object, locking it and holds it in place.
  1. Pull-Action Latching Toggle Clamps: It is very similar to the fishing tackle box. In this type of Toggle Clamp the handle is parallel to the opposing latch and then the handle is pulled back into the latching position.
  1. Squeeze Action Toggle Clamps: They look very similar to pliers. They have jaw-like structures that can hold together any object when squeezed. This is a portable solution and is used to hold objects in place.

Advantages of Toggle Clamps

  • Time-Saving: The clamping and releasing procedure takes seconds which makes the overall process very fast.
  • Easy To Incorporate: You don’t need anything extra other than these Toggle Clamps to hold objects together. Only one clamp does all the work.
  • Versatility: There are a lot of clamps available to choose from. Each clamp has its own specialty which makes a clamp for every situation possible.
  • Durability: The whole clamp system is very hard and all are zinc coated for durability. The zinc coating also makes them corrosion resistant.
  • Low Maintenance: These Toggle Clamps don’t require any kind of maintenance and they work for years and years. The only thing they require from time to time is some oil for smooth functioning. It can still work without oil but it will just make your overall work harder.
  • Cost Effective: Since these clamps have virtually zero maintenance and can work for a long time, they are very cost effective. Also, on the other hand, these tools are very easy to make, therefore their initial cost is low in the first place followed by low maintenance and longevity.

Toggle Clamps are useful tools and easy to use. There are a huge variety of toggle clamps available for every type of requirements and are also very cost effective. Coupled with low maintenance and high durability of several years with just some oil from time to time, it’s a great investment. It does not matter if you are a professional or not, toggle clamps are always useful.