There are times when we go to the gym regularly, but even then you fail to lose the weight. All this happens only because we keep on eating certain things that cause trouble in our weight loss goals. There are things which we keep on eating on the daily basis that make you fat without even knowing. So here in this article, we are discussing some things that result in weight gain and you should avoid eating these things so that you could keep up with your diet plan.

List of 7 Foods are Making You Fat without You Even Knowing

  1. Olive oil

People actually don’t know that olive oil contains a fact that everyone loves to eat, and it would be better if you add olive oils in your food for your health as compared to butter. Always keep in mind that you should eat certain proportion of it otherwise it will increase calories. Actually, 1/4 cup of olive oil comprehends almost 500 calories and above 50 grams of fat.

  1. Nuts

Another thing that we use to eat a lot on daily basis without knowing that it is increasing our fat level is nuts. Especially in winter season, people prefer to eat peanuts or almonds and consider them healthy snacks. But you should know that these nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids, protein and calories. As 1/4 cup of almonds contains 132 calories.

  1. Dried fruit

Another thing that we use to eat as a healthy snacks is dried fruits or veggie. People think these are healthy snacks, especially in winter season. But in reality just keep in mind that a single serving of dried fruit would be the equal to eight apricots, 2 table-spoons of cranberries, 3 dates and all this contain up to 100 calories.

  1. Whole milk

People use to think that milk contain calcium, which is very healthy for our body but that is not the case actually it contain lots of calories and fat. Basically 8-ounce glass of plain milk actually contains 149 calories that is almost 5 grams of soaked fat.

  1. White bread

Another essential food that people prefer to eat as a healthy snack, whenever they feel hungry is white bread. Basically, white bread contains too much fat and calories that we can’t even imagine but we keep on eating it on daily basis.

  1. Fresh juice

Some people think drinking fresh and healthy juices will help them to lose weight but in reality, these juices could result in expanding your waist. According to nutritionists eating an apple is very different thing as compared to drinking a fresh juice because fruits contain fiber and phytonutrients that will help human body to slow down the absorption of sugar.

  1. Red meat

Another thing that increase calories and fats in human body is red meat that people eat even in a hamburger or a barbecue. Then you should think it twice and prefer not to eat it, especially if you want to lose weight.