It is not yet noon when Luc arrives at the house rented for the holidays Alice and her friend Inès. The two girlfriends gave themselves 15 days of holidays between girls. Alice has to leave with Luc in the afternoon for a romantic holiday.

Alice is sitting under the pergola, sitting in a garden chair. Her feet resting on the armrest of the armchair next door, she listens to music in the shade, and for good reason; a leaden sun shines high in the sky and the heat is suffocating. In this month of August, calm before the storm.

When she receives Luc’s text message telling him that he is waiting for her in front of the house, her face lights up. She descends by flying over the steps of the natural stone staircase and throws herself into the driveway. She is very quickly at the gate she opens without leaving Luc eyes.

-Hello Darling ! Have you done well? You’re right on time.

Luke crosses the gate and his eyes run in a few seconds Alice’s silhouette. To withstand the heat, she wears a faded denim mini and a little white cotton top. An outfit that exalts his taste for fitness.

-Hi Princess ! You’re beautiful ! And nice tan!

The two lovers fall into each other’s arms and kiss each other passionately. After these spirited reunions, Claire replaces with a flowing gesture her long, disheveled blond hair and turns towards the house.

-Follow me !

On their arrival, Inès worked in the kitchen, back to them. Luke details her long brown hair down to her waist and her buttocks cast in a pair of low-rise jeans. Hearing them arrive, Ines turns around. Luke then discovers a pungent brunette with green eyes that bypasses the central island to come to meet them.

-Welcome ! It’s nice to meet you, Alice told me so much about you!

-Hello, I’m so happy too! Alice also told me about you. Quiet !

In saying this, Luc recedes a little as if to better see Ines.

-Let’s just say … she was below reality!

At this sentence, Luc smiled, Inès blushed slightly and Alice pouted. Ines throws Alice a vengeful look. Alice smiles back, makes him understand with a gesture that they will discuss later girls and breaks the brief silence that has settled.

-Ah the guys! Let’s take an aperitif instead. It will whet our appetite!

-Excellent idea ! Do the service, I’m coming, said Ines turning to the kitchen

Alice goes to the bar.

-What do you want to drink ?

-A whiskey, if you have?

Alice leans down with one hand on the low cabinet that holds the bottles. She opens the sliding door.

-I have everything you need to make you happy! she said, mincing.

Luc can not take his eyes off Alice’s gorgeous round buttocks. The frayed denim is raised slightly, leaving a little more appear its smooth skin. In his crotch, the fabric compresses his intimacy that he guesses hollow. On each side, the fold of the buttocks has become tenuous, almost invisible.

– I see it !

Alice turns her head, looks at Luc with his big mischievous blue eyes and raises his eyebrows twice. Luke responds with a wink. A few minutes later. The aperitif is served on the terrace.

-Inès, we’re waiting for you to drink, Alice launches by making her voice

-I’m coming, I’m coming, here I am.

Inès sits down and takes her drink.

-Ours ! said Luc

-Ours ! the two friends exclaim in heart

The flavor of alcohol explodes in Luke’s mouth as he delights in the sight of Alice’s golden body. After finishing her drink and eating some appetizers, Ines told them in a complicit tone:

-Good, I go back for a moment, do not enjoy it!

Luc contemplates Alice behind the smoked glasses of her glasses. Despite the clouds that accumulate, the heat is at the limit of the bearable. A drop pearls along his temple. The alcohol throws oil on the fire of his desire for her. Fifteen days have passed since the last time they made love. Fifteen long days of repressed desire, fueled by ever more exciting sextos. Alice is good at it. Now, Alice is there, in front of him, at hand. If Ines was not there, he would jump on him. The sun illuminates her hair that twist until the birth of her breasts. Luc mentally review the swaying of her little ass up the stairs. He guesses her slender breasts through her light t-shirt. Her eyes are irresistibly attracted, back along the silky and tanned skin of her thighs, by the triangle of his intimacy. He sees himself making love to him on the terrace floor, in full sun. She’s above him. He imagines to press against him to kiss her by holding her by the neck while her penis slides vigorously into her pussy, between her buttocks and crotches soaked with pleasure of her mini shorts and panties.

A cry from inside the house brings Luc back to reality. It’s Ines. She goes out to join them on the terrace. She looks at Alice, disappointed.

-We forgot the rosé!

-No ?

-Yes !

-Will not go to lunch without a good glass of rosé with ice cubes?

-Bah, it’s stupid for sure, but hey …!

-I can go ! On a bike, it’s fast, offers Luc-

Do not you mind? Alice asks, knowing the answer.

-Not at all. 5 minutes to go, 5 minutes on site, 5 minutes back! And hop !

Alice and Ines look at each other.

-Yes, you’re dying to envy! Alice said with a smile

. Alice exclaims simply

-On the road! launches Luc

Alice and Luc do not lose a moment and go down the steps of the stairs two by two.

-I’m not going to miss the opportunity to have a nice machine between the thighs, Alice causes the approach of the car parked in front of the house.

“Especially after a fortnight of abstinence!

-Who knows ? Alice answers, letting the mystery hover over the meaning of her answer.

Luke gets on the bike, takes off the crutch and starts. The engine purrs immediately. Alice attaches her helmet and spreads her legs to ride the bike. She gives two hips forward to seat on the seat. Luc contemplates Alice’s thighs and their blond down, bathed in light.

-Front! swagger Luc

Alice sticks against him and embraces him. He turns the throttle. The engine screams and they laugh as the motorcycle roars away from the house.

On the road, with speed, the air rushes under Alice’s short clothes and makes her shudder. Luc feels Alice’s thighs tighten against hers at every turn. He raises his eyes and realizes that the clouds are darker towards the village. He slowed down, lifted his visor and turned his head to Alice while raising her index finger to the sky.

-It will have to do quickly, otherwise we will be soaked!

-Yes, do not bother adding it! she said in an extra provocation.

Luc closes his visor and accelerates. While driving, he imagines Alice wetting with excitement behind him. Added to the fact that she is snuggled against him, a hand against his chest, a hand against her belly, her legs apart and her pussy stuck against her tailbone, it excites enormously. His blood rushes into his cock and irrigates his cock in breaking waves. By distraction, he makes a gap and gives a brake. By SLR, Alice puts her hands on Luke’s thighs. Then she lets her right hand back up along her thigh and grabs her cock already swollen. Luc can not wait to make love to her.

Arriving in the village, Luc sees a small supermarket in the square by which they arrive. The search for rosé is finished even before having started. He checks that the supermarket is open as he passes. If we except a blind man sitting on a bench, the place is deserted. There should not be many customers. As he tries to park, his visor is covered with several drops of rain.

-I think the storm is coming!

Indeed, in a few seconds, heavy rain begins to fall on them. Luc looks around and puts the gas back. He just has time to park a few dozen meters away, near what seems to be a small technical room whose roof overflows, before the rain is intensifying. He points to Alice.

-My smart, shelter here, I’m quick!


With her head tucked in her neck, Alice rushes to the room, hopping up and down on her toes while waving her arms and hands as if to get rid of the rain.

As Luc begins to run towards the supermarket, it is torrents of water flowing from the sky. The rain is thick. Even against the wall, under the overhang of the roof of the small building, Alice is vulnerable and quickly soaked from head to toe. The icy rain is unpleasant. Impossible to escape. She is thinking of finding another shelter. A circular gaze suffices him to understand that the place offers him no salvation. At least to cross it to join Luc in the supermarket. But she does not want to run so far to get away. Very lightly dressed, her clothes quickly filled with water. They stick to her skin.

A few meters behind her current shelter, between her and the bench on which the man sits, Alice sees a paved alley that leads certainly to the bowels of the medieval village. The buildings that border it are made of thick stone walls and very high. Alice thinks it’s worth trying. She goes in a few jumps to avoid the puddles that formed in the land surrounding his makeshift shelter. On arrival, his brand new white sneakers are muddy.

-Whore ! As if it was not enough to be half naked under this rain of crazy! cries she

Lack of luck, the wind has risen and makes the rain dive rushing into the alley. She looks to see if she can take shelter a little further. But it’s worse, the high walls are not very long. The following houses are lower and leave more rain. The lane continues with a tunnel dug under a house. But it’s dark and the sloping roof runs a curtain of water that dissuades her from going there.

Alice can not stand against the high wall on the right, the rain does not leave her any chance, nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. His soles wade in the stagnant water on the surface of the pavement. The wind sting the rain against her thighs that succumb to cold and goose bumps. It contracts completely under the effect of cold and tightens the thighs. His clothes perfectly fit his forms. She feels the disturbing sensation of being laid bare by the storm. Water takes possession of his body. She runs down her throat and pours between her breasts that point and shine through the cotton of her little white top. She cracked on her belly before entering under her shorts. She runs down her legs, around her ankles and accumulates in her shoes. Harassed at any moment for several minutes, Alice can not take anymore. The water and the cold completely paralyzed him. She closes her eyes, her face tense, and begs Luc to find easily and come back quickly.

Suddenly, a ray of hope. The wind continues to blow on his face but has become weaker and warmer. This makes it more bearable even if it carries a smell of wet tobacco. The rain seems to have subsided even though Alice still hears the deafening sound of her big drops crashing against the pavement. The heat takes hold of her again. The water has turned into magma. It warms him first of all a large area at mid-thigh. Then goes back by pricking her along her crotch. As the magma progresses, it warms up. A shiver runs through her body, her muscles relax, she loosens her thighs.

The magma immediately takes the opportunity to interfere under her mini shorts, easily infiltrate under the frail fabric of her panties and seize his pubis. His pelvis and the top of his thighs warm up instantly. The smell of wet tobacco leaves him a pasty taste in the mouth she swallows mechanically, letting it flow gently down her throat before letting out a slight breath of pleasure.

Suddenly, the engine of the bike is booming. Then the voice of Luke:

-Alice? Where are you ? It’s good we can go!

A double discharge explodes in it. Luc’s voice makes him open his eyes just as magma floods him and pleasure radiates his burning pussy. She realizes suddenly. There, in front of her, is the man sitting on the bench.

Alice is speechless in front of what she discovers. Panic seizes her. With a dry fist on the forearm of the man, Alice emerges from his grip and runs away under his other arm leaning against the wall and blocking the road. She comes out of the alley running towards Luc and throws herself into his arms.

-Let’s get out of here, it’s hell!

Luke hands him his helmet that she puts on in haste.

– Do not exaggerate anything, but the deluge that’s for sure!

The bike starts nervously. Alice looks behind her. The man delights in the subtle taste of his intimacy by sucking the middle finger he just broke into her beautiful little pussy.