With millions of applications on the Apple store, the respective fact is good enough to keep you stuck to it. You might be thinking about the competition facet in there but is there a place anywhere in the industry where you will not find a rival? So, if you want to stand out, you need to take a step which is unique and different from others! NEW is the word! You need to be something NEW which the marketing is looking at every passing minute! And thus, the need for ASO service provider has literally gained a lot of interest.

ASO stands of app store optimization and thus, with it companies look to gain more visibility and attention with the help of their applications. As there is a number of factors on which the rankings are affected, it becomes important that one hires a professional with which can get a way out to the top attaining more downloads. There are ways which need to be considered to build a strong base like using Facebook or Google Plus and that too with the use of ratings, reviews, and downloads. This shows how these three facets of applications play a very important role in helping it attain more success.

How Ratings, Reviews, and Downloads Affect the Rankings

Well, there is surely a number of ways which companies try to pull their rivals down and help their company take a lead. When it comes to dominating the field of application world, it becomes even more severe and fierce. So, it requires professionals to help in the form of app store optimization services. But one must not ignore the importance of ratings, reviews, and downloads when it comes to boosting the rankings of their respective application. From assessing the number of downloads to checking the ratings and reviews, everything comes into context while deciding the rankings. Yes, the Apple Store, do assess every facet of application in-detail to grab it the position the application deserves.

Take a look at the factors which exclusively plays a very important role when it comes to ranking of the applications:

  • Reviews quantity: Well, have you seen your application asking for the reviews on regular basis? This is because the importance of a number of reviews literally plays a very important role when it comes to rankings.
  • Reviews quality: You will find a number of applications, giving you lots of offers and discounts just for giving them a review, and this because their application will attain better ranking with better reviews.
  • A number of downloads: Well, the more the download, the more the application is getting popular. In fact, you will the number of applications paying you to download a particular application. This surely plays a major role in the rankings of the applications.


  • Uninstalls: Yes, as the “downloads” plays an important role in the rankings, so does the amount of uninstalls. This shows the quality of the applications which is unable to the customers hooked. So, having a high volume of uninstalls is surely not in favor of better rankings.


  • App growth: The App store also assess how quickly your application is getting popular and also checking the reason behind it. The more buzz with the name of your application will surely benefit you with better rankings


  • App Store Optimization Services: The most important thing here is to hire a professional ASO service provider, who will exclusively help you with all the above-mentioned points with any sort of hassle.



From the above-mentioned point is quite obvious that how ratings, reviews, and downloads play a very important role when it comes to Application rankings. You must hire a prominent ASO service provider who will surely give your application the right platform to succeed.