Gamification is the innovative way to get your audience engage in your event. It’s a great way to collaborate with your audience through game mechanics integrated with an event app to structurise the learning experience of the attendees while earning recognition and badges.


As games are integrated in event apps, attendees are likely to participate at events and conferences  since they feel more comfortable and at ease at the event. It is an effective icebreaker between the participants. There are a lot more benefits of gamification and a customized event app.


Gamification brings about an opportunity for your attendees to feel at ease while being engaged at the event. It provides a value exchange for your attendees. Gamification can be executed in all sorts of way that can fit your event’s needs.


Great Event Ice Breaker

Games are proven to be effective icebreakers since there is no better way to get to know one another in an event than through some friendly competition. Attendees can take this chance to build connection and interaction with one another. Strong foundation of relationships result to successful businesses.


Gamification for Presentations

As a specific module in an event app, gamification can be used in events to make presentations that can spark interest among the event attendees. Just a simple presentation is enough to make it spectacular by incorporating a game that would surely increase engagement and participation from the attendees.

Provides a Sense of Autonomy

Proper implementation of gamification gives users autonomy. Users can choose the path they wish to take and that gives them the sense of autonomy. Having the sense and feeling of being able to choose provides encouragement and motivation.


Improved Engagement

You’ll know your event is a success when your attendees leave the event satisfied and entertained. Event gamification provides your attendees the opportunity to have fun while engaging in productive activities.If you event attendees arrive earlier than expected, gamification plays a vital role in keeping them entertained and interested in the event. When your event is engaging and fun, surely your attendees will talk about it and share their good experience.


Effortless Networking Opportunities

Most of your attendees who join your event are there to network. They are aiming to meet key influencers in their industry and business partners. It’s difficult to  know who else is attending the event and how will you approach the other guests.


The good news is, there’s an easy way to make it simple for your attendees to network. Event gamification facilitates networking by:


  • Establishing an environment that encourages the people to communicate with one another
  • Keeping the attendees at ease to approach and talk to one another
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Awarding of incentives for networking through fun activities.
  • Connecting like-minded individuals who share similar interest
  • Creating matchmaking opportunities


The success of your event is more likely to happen if your attendees can make valuable connections.


Increased Support and Promotions

Attendees want to experience the services and information your sponsors have to offer. On the other hand, sponsors are also aiming to get as many leads as possible. When done correctly, it can increase interaction and benefits for both parties.


Event gamification creates more engagement and provides favorable incentives to attendees who will get in touch with your sponsors. Sponsors can implement QR codes for attendees to scan to gain points. Your attendees can also gain incentives by answering quiz questions related with the information the sponsor provides. Another way of getting incentives is through downloading your sponsor’s info or product.

There’s a lot more ways an event gamification can be used to increase the interaction among your attendees. Regardless of the setup, gamification can effectively drive business and provide value to your event attendees.