India has been noted to be one of the top consumers of digital content in the world, merely due to the fact that it holds one of the largest youth populations in the world. This trend is only going to increase in coming years as the internet and smartphone penetration tend to increase.  This has led the brands and businesses alike to have a digital media-centric marketing strategy in place. This requirement of going digital has led to the need for good agencies which can create an impressive brand image and can create leads in the process. A digital marketing agency in India thus takes your business in front of one of the most digitally active audiences in the world.


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But one important factor worth noticing here is that both the features on a social or search platform and the trends on the same, happen to come at least a few months late to India as compared to western countries. This makes the agencies in the west slightly ahead in their methods to dominate the digital space. One major difference also lies in the liking towards certain platforms which is different in the case of India and other western countries. Not only internationally, but the difference in liking of platforms is also very prominent in cities in India too. For example, an agency providing digital marketing services in Delhi will focus on both FB & Instagram for the social media strategy as people in Delhi and other major metropolitans are fairly active on Instagram. Whereas, people in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, still use Facebook more. In similarity to this trend, variations in inclinations towards the platforms are evident on an international level too.

Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency

There lies a lot of difference in the type of creative communication too. This emerges from the difference in maturity and psychology of the audience in both regions. For example, in the west, people respond positively to witty ads on sexual themes whereas, in India, it may offend the masses. Additionally, the psychological difference also leads to a clear definition of what might actually work in India. We are a cost-sensitive country and love getting discounts and incentives. Thus, a lot of ads feature discount centric communication.


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In terms of visual creativity, India too has some of the best creative agencies out there, though they are limited in number. A lot of agencies who offer a number of services at cheap costs are not able to do justice to the quality of creative work which a project demands. But talking about good, creative agencies, it’s been noticed that they still rely on inspiration from western countries’ ads.

Another difference lies in the strategies which agencies adapt to achieve results. The Cost per Acquisition (CPA) varies for Indian clients and those in the west. This simply happens because the cost of running ads in India is relatively lesser as compared to the same in the west. The reason for this difference lies majorly due to the dollar versus Rupee difference. This leads to higher marketing budgets for a similar campaign in the west as compared to in India, or a difference of strategy and media selection versus budget allocation.

Thus, irrespective of the differences, till the time the agencies of respective regions are able to understand the creative and business requirements centric to the psychology of their region and are able to deliver premium quality work, they’ll be able to do the best for their clients.