Every day I am busy with work, there may be many business people who are not conscious of “health”. However, if you’ve ever had your health hurt even once, you should have realized the importance of it, and even those who do not have a stomach circumference that grows year by year and items of “follow-up” increase, health examination. You will be worried if you look at the results of.

In this exercise, I would like to provide information for business people to keep working healthily. I shall explain how to manage themselves so that they can stay healthy. This is the concern of this article.

Three things to manage are:


•Exercise, and


These threefold areas are closely related to lifestyle diseases. In this series, I will explain how to manage exercise and sleep for want of space.

Exercise can be expected to prevent cancer and prolong the lifespan

First, let’s look at exercise.

Exercise – Food, as mentioned, many lifestyle diseases are caused by obesity. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey in Heisei 20-year-old male, 30.3% in their 30s, 36.5% in their 40s and 33.2% in their 50s are obese. It is lack of exercise that becomes a major cause of obesity with eating too much. Recently the cancer prevention effect has been reported. According to a study that tracked about 1.44 million people in the United States for 11 years, it was found that those who exercise walking or other exercises more than 5 days a week have a cancer risk of about 20% lower. There are 13 types of esophageal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, etc. that reduce the onset risk by exercise. For example, esophageal cancer will be as low as 42%.

For some people with exercise habits, there is data that the death rate itself is low. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Health in Taiwan for 4,1 617 people for 8 years, the mortality rate of people who exercise for 15 minutes every day is 14% lower than those who do not exercise at all, and the average life expectancy is about 3 years. It was also found that the mortality rate declines as the exercise time increases until 90 minutes a day.

However, because the work is busy for the generations of working, there are few people who are in the habit of exercising. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey in the Heisei, 37.8% of males have exercise habits (more than 30 minutes a day, exercise more than 2 days a week for more than 1 year), 18.9% In the 40’s, it remained at 21.3% (By the way, it was 10% less than the women in their twenties who do not exercise the most).

The time to exercise is difficult to make easily, but moderate exercise is essential for maintaining health.

Half of Men in Their 40s Do Not Sleep for 6 Hours

Along with exercise, good sleep is also indispensable for maintaining good health.

It seems that everyone is experiencing difficulties with head spinning when sleep deprivation occurs, making it easy for mistakes to occur. In addition, many epidemiological studies have confirmed that ‘sleep deprivation breaks the body’. A survey of 542,69 people over the age of 45 years showed that people with the sleeping time of 6 hours or less had a high prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Sleep deprivation causes poor metabolism of sugar and lipids, makes it easier to get fat and increases blood sugar level. There is also a report that blood pressure increases as sympathetic tension continues, and secretion of testosterone (major male hormone) decreases.

Research by Jichi Medical University for 4419 men has also confirmed that those with a sleeping time of 6 hours or less are 2.4 times higher in mortality rate after 8 years than those at 7 to 7.9 hours (J Epidemiol 2004 2004 Jul; 14 (4): 124-8). Lack of sleep seems to be at a high risk of advancing aging and shortening the lifespan.

However, modern people are not sleeping. According to National Health and Nutrition Survey in the Heisei 20-year, 39.5% of those who had an average sleeping time less than 6 hours were examined, especially for men in their 30s, 49.7% for males in their 40s, 49.0% for men in their 40s, it is surprising that it is 1 person in 2 people.

Business people in their thirties and forties have a short steeping time. Although sleeping is not good, it is important to take a good sleep.