Whether you have just launched a startup or own a company with a number of employees, there is little space that you can consider as yours and that area is none other than your desk.
Each person’s desk differs from one to the other. They have their own set of items on the desk. Some people believe in keeping the desk clean and presentable, while some enjoy keeping almost all the items on the table.

Today, in this article we are going to tell you about twelve essential items to keep at your arms reach. For an unexpected office emergency, the things will help you out and increase your work efficiency.

1. Desk Organizers
For someone who is always in search of finding the pen or clips, desk organizers such as pen drawer or pen tray are a great option. Recent scientific research conducted states that people who keep their desk in an organized manner lead to an efficient and positive impact on life.
Different kinds of desk organizers are available. Some can be attached easily under the desk while others kept on the table. Either way, they are much helpful and sort out most of your items. With consistent and quality design, it’s easy to install and assemble at your desk.

2. Stationery
Although everything is becoming digital, it is important to know that keeping stationery right around the corner is useful. From sticky notes, colorful markers, scissors, envelopes, and so much more options you have.

Alongside, do not forget to maintain the journal. By keeping the journal, you are able to track down the activities and scribble down essential tasks that you need to complete.

Even though your phone is in synchronization with the office calendar, it is important to remember the dates and keep it on hand visually for achieving deadlines and tasks.

3. Healthy Snacks And Disposable Utensils
On and often one becomes hungry end up thriving on the junk food. It is not only unhygienic to health but also costly. Therefore, to have a healthy option yet a delicious one is a must on your desk.

A bowl of fresh fruits or granola bar is a perfect rather than a soda can or candy bars. Additionally, you can also have fruits like apple and banana on a daily basis that will leave you feeling energetic. When you try to finish off work on an empty stomach, you end up becoming grumpy. Hence, do not forget to stock up healthy snacks.

Moreover, keep the disposable plates that are made from the paper and knife to cut any fruit or another item.

4. Water BottleAccording to some stats, one should at least drink 2-3 liters of water every day. When you do not drink enough water, you tend to become dehydrated which makes you sluggish and cranky.

Remember, to keep yourself hydrated there are many apps available that continually reminds of drinking water every two-three hours. Also, avoid using plastic and keep a reusable water bottle. Even there are glass and steel bottles available that are super stylish and look excellent on your desk.

5. Personal Products

Assign a separate drawer to keep your personal products. Sometimes it is crucial to keep everything on hand during the time of emergency. If you are allergic to any products or dust, then keep the medicines in the box.

Besides, for a headache, body ache, blisters, keep pain reliever and bandages that will help you in crisis. Other essential items include tissues, vitamin C supplements, dental floss, chewing gums and mints, deodorants, hand sanitizers, and tampons. All these items are super important to keep inside the drawer.

6. Plants

One of the most basic factors in the office is to have fresh air. By maintaining a plant on your desk, it transforms the entire office into peace and relaxation. Many plants require little care, attention and adequate amount of sunlight.

From bonsai plant, lucky bamboos – many more options are available.
By displaying plants your desk becomes alive, you become happy and gather positive vibes.

7. Cell phone Charger
Let us get real there’s hardly anyone in the office who won’t be using the phone during the working hours. Whether sending emails, checking messages or attending the business calls one after the other – battery always runs out.

Thus, keep a portable battery charger on the desk for urgent situations. An important tip for the employees who commute – charge the phone in advance before returning home.

8. To Relieve Stress

Since you are working in the office, you are bound to carry some stress. The real trick lies in balancing the pressure and prevents it from affecting on your work. There are many stress buster options that you can give a try. For instance, having a doodling book, or comics to read when there’s excess workload.

Keep something a toy nearby to clear your mind. Trust us; it will turn out to be an excellent option for a stress buster.

9. Headphones

Not everyone likes to listen to loud music. At times, all you need is to plug in some headphones and listen to soothing music that will brighten up your mood during working hours.
You can use it any time during the day and even lend it to your colleagues who wish to groove to the music. It will help you in avoiding the unwanted disturbance.

10. An Extra Pair of Sweater

It may sound weird, but an extra pair of the sweater is much much needed. Mostly all the offices keep the Air conditioners turned on, because of that one may feel cold. It is the higher authorities who manage the temperature of the office.

You can keep it inside your lower drawer of the desk and use it whenever you feel little chilling.
One can easily tell about a person the way she or he keeps the desk whether messy or tidy. There are plethoras of items that you can keep on the desk. So what are your favorite things? Do let us know in the comment section and share this article on your Timeline.