In traveling, there are many fun things that you surely are looking out for. The places, the attractions, the sceneries, the food, the roads, the beaches, the shops, the malls, the people, the animals — All of them and many more just make the thought of “traveling” a riveting and thrilling one. Most especially if it’s going to be your first time to visit a certain place, because of excitement, you will surely have a hard time to sleep the night before your travel.

Aside from souvenirs and of course, the lasting memories, another thing that you can and certainly must do so you can go back from time to time to those beautiful travel memories is to take awesome photos with you! Photos certainly do a lot, and looking at them surely makes you a bit nostalgic for some time but also very glad that you could easily take a look back at them through printed and/or digital photos.

Taking photos and having your photo taken seem easy, but sometimes, you overlook the possibilities of getting failed photos especially if your photographer isn’t really a photographer. What do I mean? You’ve probably experienced taking photos of your loved ones which turned out WOW-ing pics, but when it’s their turn to take photos of you, you can’t even look at the photos twice, and you just want to cry in a foreign language. That’s the sad part; it also comes when you find out just after the fun day of travel that there’s something wrong with photos of you taken by your parents or your siblings or your friends. You end up annoyed, but you can blame no one too especially if they’re not really professionals or picture perfectionists. It’s you who should adjust, especially if you’re just asking a favor — a favor that lasts for the whole trip!

Because I know the struggle of being both a photographer during travel and being the one asking for others to take my photos, I’m writing this article to give you (whichever of the two you may be) 6 important tips that you should remember and remind your photographer for you to take home the best travel photos!!!!


Tip # 1 – The Background and The Subject

You want your travel photos to remind you of places and amazing views. You don’t ask someone to take a photo of you in front of a beautiful tourist spot, with only you being focused on and seen. You should have just taken a photo at home if that would be the case, don’t you think?

You should be visible in the photo too but not blocking the view of the background you want to take a pic with. Make sure that your photographer gets the picture you have in mind. Of course, you will not be able to directly and exactly tell him/her how the photo should be, but you can give instructions like “take it from a low angle, and make sure it seems like I’m touching the tip of the tower”. Instructions like that would give your photographer a clearer idea of what photo will make you happy and satisfied.


Tip # 2 – Art It Out

The same place, the same humans, the same weather, the same backgrounds — You know, everyone can just have the same type of photo. The only difference is who’s in that photo, yet it’s still a human; but you can make a difference through your style.

If you do not just want a simple and typical photo of you, you may need to ask your photographer to put some more efforts in the angles, lighting and other elements of your photo. You can also play with backgrounds; sometimes, you can be in the hotel you’re currently staying in and just experiment on the minimalistic walls, beds, and windows while boredom strikes! There are very artistic places like museums and gardens, but keep in mind that just because they’re “Instagram-worthy” backgrounds and places does not automatically mean that you’re getting the best shots. It’s still your call. It’s still up to you and your photographer. Make the most out of every corner if necessary! How regretting it is to miss having a good shot or the best smile in very nice spots!


Tip # 3 – Be Careful of the Highly Treasured

The Buddha Dhatu Zadi (Golden Temple) in Bangladesh

A lot of landmarks, paintings, parks, objects, sculptures and monuments, building and towers have been made into memorials because of someone’s/some people’s remarkable lives and/or deaths due to some significant events that took place there. Some tourist attractions are also shrines, religious establishments and other sacred sites which are open for the public to visit.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart – Paris

Some people’s (most especially influencers) pictures taken in such locations which were uploaded on social media accounts were found inappropriate by some who think that taking a photo in memorial places is a disrespectful act. Not everybody thinks that way, especially because some understand that it’s open for all to visit and to take a remembrance photo in and with. It becomes bad when you take a photo with sacred objects and places while wearing the attire not allowed in the place or in the culture of the people and most especially while creating inappropriate faces and poses.


Tip # 4 – Take Many Clear Pics!

Take lots of photos! Man, I say, A LOT, but not a lot of the same photo, place, and pose. Be creative too. It’s so hard to choose the best from 10 photos of exactly the same everything because you know there’s still a dot of difference — it’s when your silly photographer clicked the shoot button continuously.

Also, remind your photographer not to have shaky hands. Having one clear photo with a not-so-ready face is much better than getting five consecutive blurred photos of your best smile – it’s tear-jerking because you can see nothing but blurs and confusion. Have a favorable number of good pictures in one area so you’ll have a lot to choose from. If you have 10 some blurred shots, hopefully, the other 20 shots aren’t. HAH!

It might be the first and the only time you’re visiting a certain country, so one or two photos might not suffice! Have many photos as you want for you probably once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences!


Tip # 5 – Focus

If they’re not blurry photos that piss you off, they’re the ones out of focus! There are beautiful areas in buildings and amazing perspectives in nature, but all those awesomeness just get wasted when you thought you’ve been getting the most amazing photos of your trip, but in reality, you’ve been smiling behind the secrecy (because how you look in the photos is always not seen since the camera lens focuses not on you).

This usually happens when the photographer is in a hurry and does not take time to review the photo taken or when he/she has a poor eyesight. You have to manage to fix the autofocus or the focus function of your camera so that when your photographer clicks it, it’s good to go!


Conclusion + Tip # 6

Everything mentioned above should be kept in mind because truth is told, it surely is disappointing and frustrating to find out that after the whole day of tiring smiling and posing, photos of you all ended up delete button-worthy photos because not even editing software can do something about them.

Whenever you travel, photos are inevitable; they’re essentials actually. By having them, you are able to bring not just the memories of experiences in your mind but a visible (and sometimes tangible) images of them too when you get back home. It just feels so good to look at them over and over again because remembering the happy travel moments is untiring. Together with all those is my last tip — Tip # 6: Also Keep Your Eyes Off the Viewfinder Sometimes. Do not forget that you have to live in the moment too so that you won’t find yourself looking at the photos alone and caring just about them, and so that your photographer isn’t just taking photos all the time too. Remind yourself and your photographer too that you have to enjoy every step of your trip, taking cool photos and making memories all at the same time!




Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, a five-star hotel in located in Parramatta, New South Wales (Australia). For Nicole, the beauty of this world is just breathtaking, astounding and something worth sharing. Because of the course, she took up in college, she has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”