Many times it happens that we need some support in regards to some factors like a relationship, family, career or health etc. Here I will tell you one app name as Supportivapp which is Anonymous Support Group. Anger, stress, sadness, and loneliness are all those terms which every person some time face. Supportivapp is a place where you can talk freely all about it.

It’s a normal app which is available on iOS. The main purpose of this application is to help out people by providing a group conversation, where they can freely share their thoughts. It is having following features that make it ultimate one.

Key features:

  • There are no ads – Unlike some of the apps, this app is providing advertising-free service.
  • Sharing option – With this feature, you can easily invite your friend on Twitter or Facebook to join the platform.
  • Settings – You can set your age, gender, and payment settings
  • Easily contact the team – Contact the support team and give them feedback
  • Quiz – Quantify to enjoy your quiz and test your mental health
  • Emergency – Hotline numbers in case of emergency. You can easily get the number of national suicide prevention hotline and national domestic violence hotline.
  • Get moderator guidance – Live human moderators guide to chat in real-time. It makes sure that is it helpful, troll-free and safe.

When you show the type of your struggle, what it makes you and click on Do the magic option it will give you the group. You can chat there and share your stuff there. There is a natural language processing algorithm. The app is charging 15 cents per minute and only $9.00 per hour. One of the interesting things is that you will get your money back if you don’t feel supportive. This is one of the great things about this app which I like. You are under control that how much you spend and how long you stay.

The app is also providing recommendation content like video, articles, mindfulness content that can reflect that what is going on in your life. At a time, dozens or thousands of group may assemble but it all depends on the how the user’s needs are inter-connected. There is nothing like a rocket science in this app. One can easily get the point and working of the app.

The great thing is that the support is available every time. This app really helps me with many of the factors. The app is with a unique concept. When you make a connection with the other, the content is really helpful. It actually helps in understanding yourself better. You understand the concept of life and it is important for everyone.

So, at last, I would like to recommend Supportivapp at a high level. Download it and grab this judgment-free place for your life. I really love the app because I love to post thoughts on it and I will continue with its service. It really removes the fear of sharing the thoughts.