Most of us have heard the injunction against keeping canned goods near heat (the stove, a radiator, or the fridge) because of the deterioration it causes. And most of us have heard that the same thing applies to spices. But that seems to be about the limit of the thinking applied to food storage.

The rest is determined by the size of the box and the height of the shelf.

Best Tips on Storage System of the Kitchen

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There are a few food storage tips, however, which may make your life easier in three areas.

  • One is handiness, especially for the short set.
  • The second is efficiency when putting together a meal.
  • And the third is visibility when checking the stock to see what’s in low supply.

There are Few other tips to look at. These efficient foods storing tips are written below:

Soring Dry Breakfast Cereals for Your Child

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If your children are of the rooster persuasion in that they wake up as soon as the sun does. It may do your mental and physical health a great deal of good to store dry breakfast cereals in easy pouring containers on shelves well within their reach.

And if you don’t want to risk an entire quart of milk, a small pitcher of it can be kept on a shelf of the fridge. While we don’t suggest that dry cereal with milk or even with fruit added is a complete breakfast for anyone. It can stave off the hunger pangs fairly well while the rest of the family gets to sleep a while longer.

And if your child can manage the blender without supervision, he can make himself a blender drink that will give him a nutritiously sound start on the day.

If there are any snack foods that your child is allowed to have at any time, such as nuts, raisins, fruit, they too should be stored within easy reach. By contrast, keep items that you don’t want the children to have in an awkward and inconvenient spot, for your sake as well as theirs

Color Coded Storage System

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One family swears by its color-coded system when trying for the speed record in putting together a meal. They have one shelf reserved for green things: green vegetables, green noodles, green maraschino cherries, parsley, mint, sage, and oregano, etc.

On another shelf go the orange things: mandarin oranges, canned peaches, canned carrots, and so on. There’s a red shelf, a white shelf (sugar, salt, flour, Oatmeal, etc.), and a brown-and-black shelf. You can use clean water from the faucet of the kitchen for restoring them before the cook.

When it’s time to put a meal together the cook thinks “I’ve fresh green vegetables in the salad so I’ll need an orange or yellow vegetable” and it’s right at hand. The system is also much easier on those who like to have an attractive assortment of colors on their dinner plate.

Store Food as Categories

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The most conventional system, however, is the one that is efficient at shopping time. All the foods in a given food group are stored together: vegetables with vegetables no matter what the color, fish with fish, noodles with other cereals, etc. As long as there is sufficient space so the items don’t get tumbled together, and as long as they are kept orderly, this system enables you to tell at a glance that you are low on canned fish, for example. It won’t tell you the color or type of vegetable you’re low on, though.

As with all systems, the most recent acquisition should go in the back, the oldest moving towards the front. This is the “first in, first out” system of counting.

Few More Words on Food Storage

Can you consolidate some of your dishes by using plastic organizers? In some kitchens they create a great deal more space: in others, they’re just a waste of money. If you are keen on making coffees with pure coffee with espresso/coffee machines, then you should have planned for storing coffees and sugar.

More space can be utilized by hanging items from cup hooks under cabinets, by installing under your kitchen is cramped there are a few ways to get more storage space and give yourself more room to keep things together and still leave space to stock up.