Social Media Tips and Tricks 2018


Social Media Tips and Tricks 2018: The one thing which came to in our mind just after when we create a website or even launching our own business. That thing is “promotions” yes when you got to know that you are ready to invite people to your place to see your work. Then you have to make some promotions.

And for these promotions, you have to take help with the social media. Social media has become the best and sometimes an only way to make yourself prominent. As an entrepreneur or even show up yourself like a boss, you have to follow up the basic social media tips.

Being connected with social media, you can quickly make many new engagements with your followers. You can even post your upcoming news related to your business on social media for gaining a new and potential audience.

Here, in my post, I would like to reveal some secrets of getting popular with the help of some social media tips and its strategy.

Social Media Tips for Beginners:


Always make sure to create a complete and up-to-date social media profile. Use some help with Google to further search for your name or even your business name. Find out about which social networks actually rank, both on the initial two pages. When you find your things, then go for each profile to further make sure that you provide all the correct information. Update your profile with the latest stuff you have added like a new website or maybe an online store.

  • TIP#2:

Google Analytics is one of the best things to easily measure the effort you put on your social media profiles. Set some goals on your Google Analytics to further assure that you are getting accurate and perfect results with your marketing social media campaign. You can also measure your social media traffic goals like how much traffic actually comes to your website through social media.

  • TIP#3:

Do not ever go to buy fake followers and audience for your business. This will not go for a long time. Always put genuine effort to make people ready to follow you back or find you out randomly. Social media fake followers will generally be going to expose after some time. And this will also make an adverse effect on your business or your name.

  • TIP#4:

Make some cross-promotion social media profiles. Cross promotions are like connecting every social account to one another. For example, Google+, it will allow you to connect your other social media accounts, so you can get more followers. Like YouTube, it will also let you share the latest upload to your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Social Media Tips for Every Platform:

Do you know? You can actually get famous within days through social media. Yes, nowadays, social media is become the primary weapon for your business promotions or even for your own self to get prominent in the world. Everyone wants to get successful without putting in much effort, but how? Well, with the help of social media tips and its strategies, you will get what you want.

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I am going to mention some social media tips which you can apply for every platform. To get more potential audience and followers for your business. Let’s start with the first one:

  • Facebook:

Facebook, which is considered as the first and the most extensive online platform by covering 1 billion active users daily. It will also give you the opportunity to gain potential clients, which you didn’t find out on your own. Utilize the use of Facebook correctly, Facebook marketing transcends any traditional promotion.

You can start the Facebook video marketing strategy. To spread your offers throughout the social media platform. With the help of a “share” button on Facebook.

Also, go for the Facebook paid advertising offers. Which show your business profile as a kind of “advertisement” on the Facebook. Which will be recognized by the billions of users. When they notice you add, they will come back to you easily just by clicking the advertisement.

Another option is Facebook Chatbot which is available in the Facebook messenger. Chatbots allows an insight of immediacy. Give the own connection users need, and with the help of tags make assured that no opportunity is lost.

  • Twitter:

Twitter will never charge you a penny. You can post your offers freely by giving them some popular “hashtags.” Yes, Twitter will let your work famous yet widespread in the world of an online platform.

Always make sure to post something without adding links, it is noticed that links attached to the tweets will lose it density to gain more engagements.

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Choose the right hashtags to post your tweets with. Always put those industry tags as well as tags that request to your specific followers.

Try to use some Twitter cards that will provide you with an easy way to get an audience to subscribe you. And also, a kind of growing catalog that gives an opportunity for potential customers.

  • Instagram:

If you are new on social media and didn’t hear this name Instagram, then you have to read this accordingly. Do you know, according to the statics, 33% of online users are using Instagram, 60% of users log in daily to Instagram, nearly about 80 million users live in the United States, and action on Instagram is 10x bigger than Facebook and 84x higher than Twitter.

So yes, you can get more followers when you built-up a business account on Instagram. On a business account, you get many possible features to look like a professional. This will also give you a “contact button” option to stay in touch with your customers.

Also, use hashtags which are suitable for your business. This will increase the follower’s engagement and provide you with some more potential clients.

Always stay up-to-date while sharing some attractive photos related to your business to get attraction from the followers. Allow your followers to keep sharing the pictures with their other social media platforms. This will let you gain more followers.


Keep in your mind that when someone follows you on any social media platform, then you have to follow back. This will make a great impression of your business in the eye of followers.

Stay active on your social media profiles while posting and sharing the latest news and photos related to yourself or your business.

Give people some exciting offers to get attracted to your brand. Right social media tips and strategies are essential to be implemented on.

Social media has the power to bring you up within seconds when you use it correctly. And it can also bring you down with just one small mistake.

So always use it wisely…