Coming from one of the most influential business families in India, Sanjay Dalmia is a well-known personality in India as well as around the world. However, the septuagenarian businessman is inspiring thousands not only with his business and negotiation skills, but also with his contributions towards creating a better society for the generations to come.

With the aim of creating a society in which civility rules over apathy, the philanthropist businessman always finds time to actively participate in various civic and welfare activities. The reach and quality of literary education being a primary concern, he is a member on the Board of Trustees of the Indian Literary Society and other educational institutions.

The Organisation of Understanding and Fraternity was set up in 1982 by Sanjay Dalmia with eminent people from the field of art, culture, industry and social workers to help and promote communal harmony and national integration.

Moved by the condition of differently-abled children in India, the Organisation focused its attention towards helping them by founding a special school named Masoom. Since its inception in 2001, Dalmia has been celebrating his birthday with these children. Situated in Delhi’s Timparpur area, Masoom is helping several children realize their dreams by training them to communicate with people and express themselves.

Dalmia Sewa Trust, started by Sanjay Dalmia, contributes to various philanthropic activities, primarily in Chirawa (Rajasthan). These activities include providing sanitary and safe drinking water to the people. The trust also organized free health camps for patients suffering from asthma, eye ailments, etc., for the underprivileged and economically weaker people in Rajasthan.

Keenly advocating the idea of Swachh Bharat, the trust has constructed lavatories in about 100 odd houses in Chirawa, which lacked this basic sanitation owing to monetary constraints. It has also taken up constructing houses for about 100 homeless families in Chirawa. The trust uses its own resources to conduct and manage all these operations, with no aid from the District Administration or any other agency.

Another endeavor taken by Sanjay Dalmia to provide healthcare amenities to the economically weaker sections of society in New Delhi was the formation of the Bharatiya Socialist Republican Trust (BSR). The trust works for refining and boosting the standards of living by providing safe drinking water and addressing the issue of sanitation.

Apart from Dalmia Sewa Trust and Bharatiya Socialist Republican Trust, Dalmia has joined hands with Jai Madaan, a noted social activist and public figure, to form the Bharat Maa Shaheed Samman Trust.

The trust was founded with the sole aim of expressing gratitude and applauding the freedom fighters who came together to fight against the colonial powers and win freedom for our motherland. The trust also extends financial support to the dependents of the martyrs for education and livelihood.

Despite his work-related commitments, Sanjay Dalmia has never been deterred in contributing his bit to the society. His life and social work is an inspiration to all those who doubt whether their little contribution to the society would actually do any good.