With the development of the Internet, the use of search engines and therefore the work of natural referencing of a site have increased. So much so, that today users do not really do “research” to find a website – they “Google”. As a result, websites of companies that are present on the tenth page of Google’s search results, rather than the first, second, or third page, are lagging behind in terms of traffic as well as revenue.

So, how do you make sure your business is in the foreground? This can be done through search engine optimization and SEO techniques of your website.

Digital360, being the top SEO Company in Noida, defines the SEO optimization technique for search engines as a process that aims to “get a good positioning in the search results” But what does this really mean? Here are some tips to help you reach the first page of results on Google.

Benefits First page of Google             

  • Very important visibility
  • Presence of renowned companies
  • Much wider audience

Drawbacks of Google’s tenth page 

  • Visibility very low or nonexistent
  • Reputation less credible
  • Rarely seen by users

The content is the key element

Google has a keyword search tool for referencing your website, which can reveal which terms are most relevant to your business activity and most sought after by users who need your products and/or services. You can use these keywords to help you make the content of your site and optimize it for search engines as well as users who may be interested. By including these keywords in the content of your website, including the headings and captions for your images, Google can easily recognize your site, what it contains, its themes, and so better classify in his search engine.

As Google points out, content must exist primarily for your users rather than being designed to improve the SEO of your site for another search engine. However, anticipating the words that customers will use to find your business and your activity allows you to mix your own textual content and keywords (synonyms, related words, semantic and lexical variants) to appear in search results of all types: primary and secondary.

Google’s keyword research tool also lets you capitalize on specific keywords. This paid service, called paid search or buy sponsored links, allows you to get a sponsored link for your site to appear at the top of Google’s search results page. This means that when a user types in a particular keyword, your site will be at the very top of the first page. Naturally, the option of paid search by buying advertising space on the search engines is expensive, so the SEO has still the best return on investment.

Links: a real link in the chain

For the natural referencing of your website, Google also gives importance to the number of sites that refer to yours. Although this very qualitative approach may seem superfluous, the acquisition of incoming links is an effort worth doing to optimize your website SEO campaign. When other websites have a link to your site, it shows that these sites are important to your content. You gain credibility and visibility.

Here are some suggestions by a prominent SEO Company in Noida for making other websites return to your site:

  • Send content to an online, local or small business publication, so that it publishes news about you, and includes the link to your website at the bottom of the article.
  • Create testimonials from other companies or partners that you publish on your own site including a link to their site, so that they do the same to yours.

Everything is in the name or URL

The “.com” domain name has been known and trusted for many years globally. There are now other top-level domains (TLDs) that offer a considerable choice for companies, such as “.net” or “.co.in”. Some may think that these new TLDs could add to the uniqueness of a site and improve its visibility, but this is not necessarily the case.

According to the “Official Google Webmaster Central Blog”, Google treats all domain name extensions or TLDs in the same way. This means that websites with new domain name extensions will not necessarily be better referenced than websites with a common domain name. Also, changing a domain name extension is not inconsequential. A careful plan must be put in place to minimize the risk of losing the current SEO of the site. Established websites that choose a new domain name extension may actually lose visibility during the change process.

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