Without a doubt, digital or ‘dynamic’ signage is revolutionizing the way big business attracts customers. But guess what? With high-quality LED signs now being rolled out at more realistic prices, it’s not just the big boys who can cash in.

Many a small to the medium-sized business owner has realized the potential of LED signage but the cost was quite simply beyond them. Either that or they settled for an inferior imported product which proved itself unable to withstand our tough Aussie climate.

LED signs

High Quality LED Screens

The good news for businesses on the Sunshine Coast is that digital signage is not only more affordable now, but there’s a high-quality LED signs provider right on your doorstep. Founded in 2008, signage professionals Sunquest Industries stock Australian-made LED screens that will stand the test of time.

High-quality LED signs are powerful communication tools that attract more customers, increase brand awareness and enhance the shopping experience. Cheaper to run than the old fluorescent signs, LED screens to deliver one of the highest ROIs in marketing.

Digital signage can be anything you want it to be, from interactive touch screens to video walls. Direct View LED Video Walls have recently become extremely popular. Once restricted to outdoor use only, due to poor resolution, the new breed of video wall is amazing.

Digital Signage is More Effective

They can be curved or flat, freestanding or fixed to the wall or ceiling. Offering maximum brightness and impressive reliability, shoppers love them because they deliver a seamless experience; LEDs have no bezels.

For the smaller business, an LED video wall may be overkill but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the same technology, just on a smaller scale. Studies show that digital signage is more effective than other types of media in grabbing people’s attention. Therefore, if your marketing budget is small, it might be better spent on high-quality LED signs than anything else.

Another huge bonus is that it provides entertainment for your customers. In an age of instant gratification, we consumers hate to wait. Customer surveys show that the presence of digital marketing in-store changes their time perception; they’re still waiting but they’re less aware of the delay. In fact, LED signs to reduce the perceived waiting time by up to 35%.

Integrating Social Media

Cafes and restaurants can use LED signage to display their menus and retail stores can promote their specials. Or you can simply run general interest items like the news and weather.

Then there’s the social media angle. As of March this year, Australian social media users were amongst the most prolific in the world; 50% of us log in at least once a day and 60% are active on Facebook. What if you could utilize those statistics to grow your business?

You can! LED signage enables you to link into your social media accounts and develop better interaction with your customers. For example, you can display comments and posts from your customers in-store, and run loyalty programs and promotions, to boost both customer numbers and sales.

Not only that, but you can also use your digital signage to collect important data on your target market and the products they buy. You can’t do that with traditional signage!

Don’t just take my word for it; check out the statistics:

  • Around half of the business owners surveyed planned to get or increase the number of LED signs
  • 63% of shoppers say digital signage catches their eye
  • Digital video can reach up to 70% of the market
  • Nearly 30% of customers say they find digital menus influential
  • Digital displays catch up to 4-times more views than static signage
  • 80% of retailers who add digital signage see an increase in sales of up to 33%

Pretty impressive, right? Who wouldn’t want a slice of that growth? It’s all a matter of putting it in perspective. You might say, ‘I can get 20 full-page advertisements for that price’, but what is the ROI on that compared to high-quality LED signs?

When you choose to work with a high-quality LED signs provider on the Sunshine Coast, they are several things you should expect:

  • The LED signs are designed to cope with our tough Australian climate
  • You’ve given a choice of Standard or Custom LED signs
  • The LED signs are designed for maximum impact in any industry
  • The LED signs are made from top quality components
  • The supplier offers a full design to installation service, with both training and technical back-up

According to the experts who recently gathered for the 2018 Digital Signage Summit Europe, LED signage is just the beginning. As retailers look for bright new ways to attract customers, and consumers demand better shopping experiences, we can expect to see this industry go from strength to strength.