Delhi is one of the main city of the county and you can find museum related to many things here. One such museum is related to our Indian Railways and trains. In the city of Delhi, Railway has constructed its Rail Museum. People can visit here to get a closer look at the railway models. They also have a different kind of railway lines installed for visitors ride.

Rail Museum of New Delhi

Railway has been the lifeline of our country. It is used for most of the traveling related to large distance. The museum was set up in 1977 and it has been open for public since then. It is constructed over a large area of 10 acres. The maintenance is done regularly by the authorities. It has something for every age group. You can observe the history of the railway by looking at various kinds of railway engines.

Know About Delhi Rail Museum

There are around 100 rail engines of real-life size, mostly transported here after retirement. It walks you through the development of railway engines over the history of more than 160 years. For the people who are keen to know the history and various models of engines, it is a must visit. From the royal engines to the steam ones, you will find them all. The engines used in the European times is also placed here for visitors to see. You can spend a couple of hours here and enjoy various activities.

Toy Train in Rail Museum

Delhi Rail Museum tickets are also nominal and it is well connected with the rest of the city. It is located in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi near Bhutan Embassy. The place is ideal for visitors of every age group and kids will love it here. There is a miniature rail track which is connecting various big cities of India, surrounded by glass railings. The track has two mini rail engines as well, traveling between these stations. It shows how the railway network operates, spending few minutes around it clears many questions about the rail operation. If you are visiting with kids, let them observe as it is quite an interesting sight.

Various Rides and Activities

The rail museum has few railway lines open for visitors, wherein one can ride. One of the rides is Joy Ride, the track is quite big and people can easily sit on the train as well. It covers a good area of rail museum and tickets are under your budget as well. Kids and adults love it equally as the track is surrounded by real train engines. There is one more ride, called the Toy train. This one is especially for kids, not restricted to them only. Parents are also given permission to hop on this ride. It is a small train, capable enough to pull a huge amount of weight. Showing the power of a rail engine and it can carry a good number of adults. These activities will bring a smile to the face of kids, whereas their parents enjoy equally as well. As it is easy on your pockets, it makes the visit more worthy and economical.