More and more companies are betting on digitalization in order to get closer to their target audience. Therefore, it is time to collect those trends and forecasts to know where online marketing will move during this year, something very useful when designing the strategy to be followed in 2018.

Online marketing is on the rise, being a sector that constantly changes and that, according to the Evolution and Perspectives eCommerce 2017 report, made by the eCommerce Observatory and EY, 70% of the companies surveyed will increase their budget in online marketing, 28% it will keep it unchanged and 2% will decrease its games. Almost half of those responsible, 48%, plan to increase their investment by more than 10%. In the report, they specifically mentioned and highlighted those organizations those are more services based such as logo design companies, website development & designing companies etc.

Online marketing strategies:


This word is in the mouth of users, marketing agencies and service providers because individuals want to feel unique in their relationship with the brands they trust. Therefore, companies must adapt to this change in the behavior of their customers, creating increasingly personalized services for them, that adapt precisely to their tastes, preferences and needs. Some examples are botchats to address your queries in real time, personalized emailing campaigns based on different sociodemographic factors and the focus of the brand towards segmented social networks.

Mission and values

Currently, the competition in the digital medium is fierce. The Internet has become the new battlefield of the 21st century, in which companies struggle to obtain the highest volume of traffic. Therefore, new strategies for recruitment and loyalty of potential customers become necessary. This 2018 will be the year of experiential marketing; Companies will try to approach their target, generating memorable experiences and showing their true essence.

Video marketing

Today, the video is the star content in the digital world. For several months the streaming video, with new apps, such as Periscope or Facebook Live has been trending. If the forecasts are fulfilled, 20187 will be the year in which the streaming video achieves to settle in the market. The companies will benefit you a lot: Retransmission of events, demonstration of products …

SEO and SEM for mobile

Many people tend to mistakenly believe that the process of positioning (SEO) and search marketing (SEM) in computers and mobile phones is the same. But nothing is further from reality, since the search performed by users on both computers is radically different. For a few months, Google penalizes those web pages that are not adapted to mobile devices, so throughout 2017 we will see how organic positioning and SEM ads for smartphones and tablets is gaining strength.

Google Tag Manager

It is a tag management system that allows quick and easy updating of the tags and code fragments of a website or a mobile app. In this way, the task that modifies the code in different pages or includes is greatly simplified. This tool was already known by experts in digital marketing, but thanks to the redesign and improvement of usability that the Internet giant gave it, it is becoming increasingly popular among users.


The author of above content is a professional digital marketing who has assisted many brands in increasing their ROI. Currently, he is associated with SK Web Designing Solutions a leading Web Development Agency provider in the United States.