Zedpack DesignsYour company’s vision and mission are best known to you. Likewise, when it comes to choosing the right bag for your business, you are the best person to select what represents your company. Although it might sound like a minor decision, it is important to remember that an appropriate bag gives your brand a unique identity. Packaging companies like Zedpack create high-quality non-woven bags that help you promote your brand in the right manner.

Before you decide the bag that will depict your brand’s identity in the market, ask yourself the following questions.

Is my choice of carrying bag safe for the environment?

Being a brand, it is of utmost importance that you ask this question before asking anything else. The bags that represent your brand in the market make a statement about you and your products. Your stance on the environment as a company will speak volumes about the message you want to spread, and in turn, will give you the needed recognition in the market.
Non-woven bags are a great choice in lieu of the environmental changes that our Earth is facing. Made from recyclable materials, they can be reused and do not harm the environment. With bags from companies like Zedpack, the statement you make with non-woven shopping bags for consumers will certainly spread a message against the use of plastic bags.
Not only this, with word-of-mouth publicity coming into play, people see that a brand acts responsibly and cares for the environment. Who does not like brownie points for something good that they do?

What kind of bag will suit my products?
The packaging of your product plays a crucial part in selling it. Based on the kind of the product, your brand occupies the market in following are the things to consider.

The shape, size, and weight of your product.
If you are a jewelry store, an upmarket and chic, non-woven bag will work wonders for you. However, if you sell hardware, a rugged bag with a bold look will make your products more appealing. Make sure the product fits perfectly in the bags that you choose.
Bags with strong handles last longer, as compared to the ones with weak handles. This might seem to you as a small factor but actually makes a huge impact. The bag should be able to bear the weight of your products. Your customers would like their bags sturdy and reusable, so make sure you fulfill their expectations.
The industry you are in is also a deciding factor when it comes to product packaging. The consumer should feel at ease with your brand’s shopping bags. Markets offer multiple brands for a single product, and for your product to shine, the bag needs to speak effectively.

Am I marketing it right with the bag that I have chosen?

Once the material is selected and the type of bag is finalized, what comes next is the identity you create with your bags. Choose the colors that give your bags the perfect image and also make your logo stand out. It is crucial getting this done by companies like Zedpack that believe in making a change for the betterment of the environment.

Consider the cost of what you are producing, but don’t cut down on the quality in any case. Giving your customers high quality products is important, but a high quality packaging makes an equal impact. Also, add a few finishing touches like ribbons or a dash of colours that gives your bag a fresh and exclusive approach.