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Piese Autos that need to be checked frequently

All the parts of the car are important for its good working but some of the car parts should be checked frequently that either they are working properly or not or do they need a service or need to be changed immediately. A small action of irresponsibility can change your new car into a junk car.

Mostly Replaced Auto Piese



auto battery

When your auto battery is old then its performance decreases and the chances of battery failure also increases. None of us wants this to happen when we are away from our home or on a way to our office.

The most common causes due to which car battery fails are low charging and acid stratification. Other than that battery can also fail due to leaving the headlight turned on or the air conditioner on while you leave the car.

The battery is the most important part of your car and it should be replaced after every three to four years and should be checked so often that if there is any dirt particles or the cables are okay or not to avoid any unnecessary situation.

Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors protect the car’s break from heating during its usage. The rotors should be changed frequently because they become less efficient due to friction from the brake pads and calipers. If they are much damaged then there is a risk of brake failure.

The symptoms that your car’s brake rotors are not working well are squealing growling sound or any unexpected sensation you feel when you press the brake pad. If you feel any of the above symptoms it is alarming for you to charge these rotors immediately. Piese auto gives a wide collection of new and old brake rotors for almost every car.

Door locks and handles

Car door handle

These are considered to be one of those parts that people forget while counting the most commonly used part of the vehicles. Most of us open the car doors manually and that can cause damage for the lock of the doors.

There is a lock cylinder inside the door locks that make it possible to enter into the car and there are some conditions that we let you know that your lock cylinder needs a replacement.

The conditions are that your key will be stuck inside the lock and it may break inside, or the automatic lock just opens some doors not all. These symptoms will give you the clue to change your lock cylinder in order to avoid any inconvenience.