So, curious about what is Google’s meta description length 2018?

The long waited topic of every the online marketer is what should be the length of meta description in 2018. So, as the last update on 17 May 2018, Google has declared the length of meta description that is 120 to 158 characters. That means 920 pixels.

Google always comes with its new updates every week. Now, its difficult to stay updated with its new changes. But this is the interesting part of every SEO company or any other country is stay updated. We love to share here Google’s meta description length in 2018.

How Long Should Your Meta Description Be

Picture 1:

Google Meta Description: 158 Char.

Many people gives first priority to Google as their favorite search engine. So, its major thing to know its meta description length. As we are using different devices and different browser, meta description for Google should be approximately 158 characters. That means 920 pixels.


Picture 2:

Bing Meta Description: 168 Char.

Wait! If you have got the answer to what should be the meta description length, then you have gotten Google’s length only. Now, Bing has different which is 168 characters. That means 980   pixels.


Picture 3:

Yahoo Meta Description: 160 Char.

Yahoo! Come with different length from Google and Bing that is 160 characters that will cover 980 pixels of the part.


Picture 4:

Mobile Meta Description: 120 Char.

Ruling world with its craze that is mobile has meta description length 120 characters that will cover approximately 680 pixels.


Last Words

It’s not that much minor point of SEO so that we can ignore it. Due to one update, it effects deeply on ranking of site.

These new length limit of meta description can be work better. But all search engine has the different length limit. So you can add important part first in the meta description. So, it will suitable for all search engine.