A professor told you to prepare an article, a research or a collection of papers about something, and you could not have complete satisfaction?

Many times of course, this is certainly because you did not produce work in form, efficiency and the body required, and this is due to your spontaneous and frank deal with the scientific material and with the Internet itself. In the end you get dry information, put it on rough paper, and you get a strong verbal slap from your teacher.

But do not worry, today we will let you know how to deal with the Internet very effectively and efficiently that will enable you to accomplish the most difficult research and activities in the least time possible and the best body that your teacher can see in his life.

1) Make a plan, and secret it

They say that recognizing the disease is half the cure, right?

Well, before you start doing the research you’re looking at, you must recognize that you are actually doing a rigorous and powerful search rather than mere words printed on a rough set of papers. This recognition makes you aware of the importance you are doing, so you set a set of goals and addresses that must be achieved at the end of the work on that research.

Do not forget to put time to finish the whole research, preferably also to put a specific time to finish each point of the search, so you do not find that the time has stolen all your dreams to get high grades.

2) Use more than one search engine

Search Engines Hey Man, What Do You Know What Search Engines!

In one word you can reach millions, even billions of pages, words and lines that are specialized and talk about what you want to know whether superficially or professionally, you will undoubtedly find your destination. But getting that information depends on how well you deal with search engines.

For example, if you want superficial information, use regular search engines like Googleand Bing. However, if you want to get very accurate information in a scientific discipline, you should use academic search engines like Google schools and JSTOR. As they say, for each article. You must choose the desired title, in order to get the article you want.

3) Probe in sources

The first rule in conducting proper scientific research is to verbally scrutinize every word you write or take it on the tongue of the author.

This will be through entering the citations, or Citations in any scientific site and verify the strength and modernity of the information you use in your research, and the experience in the identification and classification of these sources according to these factors come with time, do not worry.

Here you must check the history of the information, the researcher or person based on its formulation, and of course the quality of the scientific journal that came from it and the extent of its fame in the scientific community.

Either if the site is completely lacking in the resource box, you must close this site immediately before your malware hands down and destroys your mind, and then destroy your learning future and you do not know.

4) Take advantage of everything in the site!

Many sites come with many superlative features that come into competition with other sites in attracting visitors and getting content in any way. Inability to benefit from these advantages is not proper, right?

Let’s say you’ve found a site with thousands of informational articles you’ve been searching for a long time, but the navigation system between articles is a bit annoying and you have to choose a search category from somewhere to make your search easier. But hey, there could be something else you’ve missed.

Most of these sites come with a small search bar located in one of the corners at the top of them, and by entering a certain word in that little bar will show all the articles related to the word that he entered. Come on and explore the entire site to explore many other features.

5) Browse YouTube intelligently

YouTube is without doubt the biggest black hole you can ever get into. Once you open a video, you get to the other side involuntarily and end up watching dozens of clips for many long hours. But why not use this in our favor?

Most videos on YouTube are amateur, but they use reliable sources. So, all you have to do is go and find the video that is relevant to your specialty, and watch it to understand the information lucidly then enter the video description box to check and look for any additional links can give you a double statement on the subject of the video, and so you understand faster. And got reliable sources as well.

6) Keep your resources

As you begin to work on your research or article, you are actually going through dozens, but hundreds of scientific sources, journals, websites and papers. Making it difficult for you to write and save them as links. In the end you can go back to one of them after you finish working to review, modify the information, or even switch the best source to the old source.

So make sure you create a small text file that keeps all the links that you’ve been through and used them in one way or another. But try to click on each link the name of the page, the date of information, and the author’s name if possible. This can make it easier for you to search for reference, as it is possible for the same researcher to do more than one research paper in his field or in other areas.

7) Use services, software and applications

There are many software programs that can facilitate and handle online searching. For example, you can use the Zotero program to coordinate all your resources interactively, and even save them with one type of scientific documentation if you want.

You can also store all your files, books, photos and videos in files that are categorized and indexed in your private library on your direct cloud on a file-uploading site such as the famous Microsoft cloud service OneDrive.

And many other services, programs and applications that seek to make your online life more prosperous and well-being.

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