Oppo has broken its trend of launching F series phones with the introduction of the Oppo A83. Oppo A83 is considered to be the perfect model as it offers all the features that you look for in the phone and that too at a budget-friendly price. So, whether it’s a good camera, powerful RAM, long battery life or better security, the Oppo A83 is sure to fit the bill. In fact, its face unlocks and AI Beauty Recognition features are some of the best you’ll find in the market.

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To get started on the right foot, take a look at the Oppo A83 features.

It sports a flawless display

The Oppo A83 features a high-quality display that measures 5.7 inches in size and has a good resolution of 1440×720 pixels. This size ensures that you don’t compromise on your viewing experience while still keeping the phone easy to use and operate with just one hand. If you are reading a book, watching a movie or playing a game, the screen makes it visually appealing and immersive, giving you a life-like experience with accurate color representation. The Oppo A83’s curved body combined with its slim profile makes it an elegant and stylish smartphone too.

It allows you to click amazing selfies and photographs

If you are keen on taking selfies and are looking for a budget phone that fits your needs, the Oppo A83 is perfect for you. The phone is embedded with an 8MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera that allow you to click selfies with startling quality and capture picturesque landscapes with equal ease and precision. The rear camera of the Oppo A83 features a unique Ultra HD mode that allows you to take multiple shots. Then, you can layer and stitch them together to create one 50MP photo automatically. Additionally, the AI Beauty Recognition technology in combination with the camera is capable of recognizing your gender, skin tone, age, and skin type and then refining more than 200 facial feature spots to give you photos that are flawless.

It gives you comprehensive security on your fingertips

The Oppo A83 features a face unlock feature that immediately unlocks your phone when you hold its camera in front of your face. In this way, you can unlock your phone even if your hands are occupied or gloved, and it also gives an additional layer of security to your data. Since it is a unique locking and unlocking system, your data is completely protected from misuse when you use this function along with the pattern passcode and digital passcode.

It allows you to seamlessly switch between applications

The combination of a 3GB RAM and 2.5GHz Octa-Core processor ensures that you can switch between your favorite applications smoothly. You can easily go from replying to messaging on WhatsApp to chatting with your friends on Facebook, browsing shopping apps or playing a multi-player game. You can do all this and more with the Oppo A83’s sturdy framework. In addition, the 3180mAh battery supports the phone’s multitasking capabilities and offers you over 13 hours of use in a single charge. What’s more, its battery takes no time to recharge as well.

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