There are hundreds of internet companies that are rapidly making its way towards the stardom and getting in the competition of other websites or the internet companies every day. There is an entire list of the largest internet companies on the Wikipedia that has enabled the world to look into the work and the revenue that they are generating every year. Further appreciations to those talented people who have offered their Wikipedia page creation service and had created the entire pages for these leading internet companies.

Here is the list of the renowned and most popular websites or internet companies that have been enlisted on the Wikipedia.

  1. Amazon


Amazon is one of the highest revenue generating, American e-commerce and cloud computing company. It is also popularly known as, Inc. You will have your eyes wide open when you come to know that the according to Wikipedia in the year 2017 Amazon’s revenue was close to $177.86 billion. It is indeed an amazing information to grab on, but if you are accusing the Amazon to be the world’s largest internet company, then you must give it some credit, it is fair for them to earn this much.

  1. Facebook


It would be shocking to know that in this age and era, anyone would not be aware of the king of all social media networking websites, Facebook. This American online social media website, which is also very popular as a social networking service company, has created a hype in the world. It is fascinating to hear that Facebook currently have 2.2 billion active users, as recorded in January 2018. If you further look into the income of the Facebook, you will be amazed to hear that according to the Wikipedia records the estimated earnings of this internet company is nearly $40.65 billion. It is indeed astonishing to learn about that, now isn’t it?

  1. Alibaba

China’s massive e-commerce, Alibaba is an across-the-board global marketplace that connects the buyers around the world to the sellers. If you go into the history and learn about how Jack Ma has burned the midnight oil to bring Alibaba on the map of the largest internet companies, you will not only get astonished but also get the motivation to pass through with your struggles. The Wikipedia page of the Alibaba has said it all that is needed to be known by any reader or visitor, interested in knowing about this immense wholesale marketplace that does not only work at one place but operates globally.

  1. Netflix


Another highly visited and the most famous internet company is the Netflix, which is not only popular among the teenagers or youngsters, but people of every age starting from the kids, to the people of old age are taking benefit of using it. It is highly doubtable that anyone living in 2018 is not aware of this American media service provider. The most amazing that you will learn about Netflix is that how much money they make annually by providing the service. You can keep on guessing the numbers, but it will be definitely a shocker for you to learn that in a small period, Netflix has managed to generate a revenue about $11.7 billion, according to the Wikipedia.

  1. Uber


Uber is one of the most extraordinary services of the decade. It was once a dream to wish to sit at your place and with waving your hands get a cab at your doorsteps. No efforts required at all, and your carriage is there for you. Isn’t it pleasant to enjoy the age you are living in which desiring all this is not just a dream, but it has become a reality? Uber has made it convenient for everyone to book their own personal car to go anywhere they want. It has become a highly popular and demanded service of the time, and this is the reason that according to the 2016 record on the Wikipedia, Uber has become the art of the largest internet companies of the time. It is also astounding to know that in a short span, it has managed to generate annual revenue up to $6.5 billion.