Infographic Creating Tool: New Feature Added

Today we would like to share with you our new feature. „iList Pro“. With the help of this function, you can create infographics, lists and graph designs. It´s very easy to use, you don`t need any photoshop, HTML or CSS experience. Just select your design, add your content and that´s it. More than 75 readymade designs. You can even share your infographics with an embedded code. In this article, I will show you step by step how to use our tool.


  • More than 75 infographics, lists, Charts designs.
  • Create dynamic HTML5 infographics design.
  • Create compare list design
  • Font awesome icons.
  • Use google fonts
  • Responsive and Animated design
  • Shortcode generator

Where can I find the iList pro option?

Login to your account at Dashboard – iList pro-New list.

As you know infographics can help to increase search ranking. For example, you want informative content for: onpage seo 2018. You can write introduction paragraph then create an infographic with the help of „iList Pro“. For more information check „how to increase twitter followers“.

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Now check out the steps on how to create an awesome infographics design.

Step 1: Login to your account – Dashboard – iList pro – new List


Create your list title and select your list style (info list , Graphics list, Infographics).

Create your list


Choose design.

Choose Design

Step2: List holder color.

Change List Holder Color

From list holder color your can set background color for your list.

List background image: you can set background image.

Entry color: You can change list number color.

  • You can set a background color for every single list from Entry Background Color. This color can be changed in hover effect if you set hover color from Entry Background Hover Color.
  • From Entry Title color title color can be set and hover color can be set from Entry Title Hover Color

Entry Description color: you can change Description color and hover color can be set from Entry Description Hover Color
Design background color

  • Select Title Font:  title font will be changed and you can set title font size from Select Title Font Size.
  • you can select the font from Select Description Font.
  • If you want to use another google font, just copy and paste the URL in Other Google Font URL.

Selete font

Create iList Chart: You can add chart into your list design.
A popup box will come up with necessary field required for creating a chart.

Create chart

  • Generate Chart: Fill the form with your chart data and hit the Generate Chart button.


  • You can select the middle image from List Middle Image.


Middle Image will show below (example).


  • Give your list’s Title, Description, Entry Background color, font awesome icon & Title icon as you need


  • Font Awesome: You can add font awesome icon instead of a graphic icon.

font awesome icons