SEO Movements

If you are in the marketing arena, then you need to have a great understanding of SEO. This is a powerful way to grow your business with free organic traffic. Don’t risk paying too much for ads and not getting the ROI you expected. Instead, use the proven methods to overcome your competitors and get found in the Google search results so you can profit in your business even more. Here is what you need to know about the innovation in SEO:

Understanding Keywords

Any SEO agency will tell you that your keywords are the most important part of your strategy. After all, the way it works is that you are going to rank for certain keywords that are relevant to your market. Choosing these words the right way from the start is crucial to your success.

The first tool you can use is free and easy to use. Google Keyword Planner allows you to brainstorm variations of keywords in your market. From there, you can mix and match and see what combinations people are searching for. You might be surprised by the actual words they are using to find your industry. Then, use these keywords throughout your text in your content.

Avoid Stuffing

In the old days of SEO, you used to use the strategy of keyword stuffing. This was more effective before Google caught on and started de-ranking these pages. Essentially, now you want to use your keywords a few times throughout the article. Use them in key parts like the h1 and h2 tags. Try to include them in images as well. And be more specific with your keywords. This will avoid competing with the biggest companies in your space who are likely spending much more than you to acquire a high ranking.

Long Tail

As mentioned above, you want to avoid using broad terms whenever possible. Sure, you can sprinkle them throughout your text. However, you should be narrowly focused on longer keywords that are more specific. This means that instead of just reaching everyone, you are going to reach fewer people but they are farther down the funnel because they know what they want.

One of the key innovations in SEO is link building. Long gone are the days when keywords were the only game in town. In today’s world, you want to compete with great content but also with great links. This means that other large sites in your niche are linking to your site.

The bigger the site, the bigger the effect on your bottom line it is going to have. Google weights each link depending on how they feel about the source page. So if you get a link from a small blog, it will have a much smaller effect than a major industry mainstay. Keep this in mind and build relationships so you can get great links from others in your brand.

Leveraging Social

Social media has become a very important part in everyone’s life. And Google knows this. In the original SEO rankings, social media did not have a huge effect. But so many people use it today that it is having a large effect on your rankings.

If you have engagement on social media linking to your own content this is great. If they stay longer on your page too, that means it is interesting to them. All of these are something that Google considers great signals of a site that is relevant.

SEO is something that every business owner or marketer must learn to master. If you don’t, it could end up standing between you and success in your market. SEO can bring you free leads and customers. The more you are found organically online, the less you have to risk and pay for online ads. So don’t miss out on the opportunities that SEO can bring your business. Use the proven tactics above and speed past the competition.