The wedding season has started and it always boggles the mind how huge the wedding industry in India is. People are spending massive amounts of money to host a party for people. Even though weddings are typically a 3-day affair, the planning and the investment which goes into it is just ridiculous. Retailers and manufacturers wait for this season to get major business from all sectors of the population. As time passes, the grand celebration of the Indian wedding increases every day to enjoy with everyone. People have more spending power now and they show that to their friends and family without any restraint. Throwing a massive and lavish wedding is as much a compulsion now as it a choice. But since weddings are a happy and much-awaited event in people’s lives, no one really thinks too much about the financial aspect of it, and for retailers and guests, it’s an occasion to rejoice even more.

The Indian Wedding Industry is over a generous Rs 100,000 crore per year and is growing at a rapid rate. Typically, weddings in India range from about Rs 5 lakh to 5 crores. Considering the massive population and the societal pressure on their kids to get them married at the earliest, the wedding industry in India is effectively recession-proof. There are around 10 million marriages taking place in India every year! Indian marriages involve a lot of food, gold, expensive apparels, loud music and who can forget the famous dhols. There are many industries in India which are closely attached to the wedding industry. It’s a very long list which includes the flower, cosmetics, F&B, apparels, music, cards, décor, travel, tourism, jewelry, beauty clinics, matrimony sites, event management industries and many more. If we talk about the whole country then the usage of Gold is 30 to 40 grams in every marriage.

People love to throw destination weddings these days. This contributes a lot to the tourism industry. Even foreigners visit India to hold eventful and magnificent wedding functions as they are

Intrigued and fascinated by the cultural beauty and joyous celebrations that India offers.

Indian families love to offer a plethora of food items at their weddings, with various cuisines and popular dishes. It is a very important aspect of Indian weddings to have a vast food offering, with a well-stocked bar and experienced bartenders.

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Indian brides are dressed up beautifully in expensive designer clothing and gorgeous jewelry. They dress up in traditional clothing like Sarees and the designer’s help in making them look their best on their very special day. The wedding garment industry is a booming industry and grows every year as people spend more and more to look good. People are very brand conscious nowadays and mostly prefer to buy wedding clothes from big brands.

In North India, it is a matter of respect for the family to throw a massive wedding, to the best of their financial capability, when their daughter is getting married. This social pressure has eased a bit in recent years but is still prevalent in many underdeveloped parts of north India. To cater to such high demands of the society, many services like the catering business have expanded their operations and made a ton of profits. Catering services blend modern and traditional cuisines to offer a plethora of choices to the guests ranging from International cuisines to local chats and savory delights. They have highly experienced and expensive professional cooks working for them who can whip up large quantities of dishes in a short time. Their presentation is innovative and the caterers handle all the food arrangements.

Families often get together before weddings with friends and relatives to discuss details and start the celebrations early. There are a great many restaurants and hotels which cater to such pre-weddings parties and functions. One such renowned hotel is Anila Hotel in Naraina, Delhi. It features the beautiful and serene rooftop restaurant in Delhi, Hickey Restaurant. The restaurant offers multiple cuisines and delicious drinks to its patrons. It is a great place to hold a big party for your loved ones and have a good time. They have a very supportive staff who will serve you well. It offers a very pleasant environment and vibrant décor so that your parties are enjoyed by one and all!