India is a big country, which has been influenced by various cultures and civilizations over the years. Be it business, politics, sports, food or other endeavours, India has adopted a number of foreign methods to keep up with the changes happening around the world.


The Indian way of doing business was a lot different than the rest of the world. But, in the last decade or so, the old business of India has met a new rival. It has been overtaken by the Washington-style business of persuasion. The companies are garnering new influence through stories and PowerPoint presentations. Also, a number of companies are turning to lobbyists who use subtler tools of influence. They bring fact based analyses to the table, which assists in reducing the corruption to an extent.


With electronic revolution, digital marketing for political campaign has made it easier to reach out to a target audience. There is a lot of data available, which can prove to be a huge factor in building relationship with the public. Also, the right use of social media can have a great impact on the outcome. Social media is a form of digital media which provides a place for political marketers to create a political marketplace where candidates, government officials and political parties can use it to drive public opinion in the desired direction. Many studies have examined the predictive power of twitter in the election for different countries like Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, etc. These trends are fast catching up in India.


There is hardly any better example of India adopting foreign methods than in sports industry, especially cricket. A decade ago, there used to be only one franchise-based T20 league in the world, which was administrated by England. But, soon India followed the suit in 2008 by launching the Indian Premier League, which helped the country nurture young talent and take gigantic strides towards becoming the best cricketing nation. It has overtaken Australian Big Bash League and many other leagues, to become a well-known brand around the world. Also, the overall sporting culture has been framed on the foreign method in the last few years.


Indian food is a lot different to the rest of the world, but Indian people have still included the foreign dishes in their menus. However, majority of these dishes are prepared in the Indian style, not in their original flare. A number of North Indian Dishes reflect strong central Asian influences. While, Chinese food including chowmein, manchurian, soups, etc are popular in many other states. Italian pizza and pasta are available in every corners of the country. Apart from this, burgers, chocolate chips cookies and fried chicken are some of the other foreign delicacies, which have been largely accepted in India.