you need to ensure the safety of your employees. This means you need to have distinct strategies in need of an evacuation. There needs to be a clear exit path if anything goes wrong. Emergency light testing and exit light testing can help you do exactly that.

During blackouts and electrical failure, it is crucial that you have a well-lit path. This will minimize the panic in case of an emergency. It will also ensure that your employees are subjected to least amount of harm.


At Jim’s Fire Safety, we have a flexible team of trained fire safety technicians. This means you can contact one of our members as per your need. You can access emergency light maintenance whenever it is convenient for you.

The Building Code of Australia specifies particular requirements for workplaces. They include: an emergency lighting system must be installed on every level of a building where a story has a floor space of more than 300m2. The system must be installed in every hallway that is part of an eviction path, or in any room that has a floor space more than 100m2 that does not open to a hallway. Exit signs must be clearly visible. They must be installed above doors that directly lead to any exit spaces.

For more information regarding the requirements, you can have a look at the code yourself. Alternatively, you can contact one of our team members to briefly explain it to you.

How often does the testing need to be carried out?

A 6-month interval is an ideal time for the testing of emergency luminaries and exit signs as per the AS2293.2 standard. The assessment will require a trained individual testing the lamps and be replacing any faulty components. Each device will also be put through a discharge test for a period of 90 minutes. This will continue till all the devices are tested and verified or replaced according to the need.

In addition to the 6-monthly test, another test is required every 12 months. It includes all the same procedures, along with inspection of fittings and reflective surfaces. It is crucial that you hire a professional to carry out the discharge test for you. Otherwise, you could be unaware of possible power failures in your system. Moreover, a trained technician will also have a thorough knowledge of the current safety standards. This will help you comply with standards throughout Australia.

Light Globe Supply and Replacement

It is the duty of our fire testing team to replace any broken globes upon inspection. Our technicians will also guide you about energy efficient globes, in case a replacement is needed. Replacing incandescent globes with energy efficient luminaries will help to reduce lighting costs in your building. It will also be beneficial for the environment.

An incandescent light globe has been phased out since 2007 in Australia, but there is a chance there could be some left in your building. Our technicians will help you recognize those. Contact Jim’s Fire Safety today to learn more about energy-efficient replacement options.

Why Jim’s Fire Safety for emergency and exit light testing?

We are specialists with profound knowledge about emergency light testing and exit light testing. The protection of your staff in case of an emergency is our utmost priority. Not only that but with Jim’s Fire Safety you will receive a detailed report of every device that we assess. We will also notify you about the next session so you can easily keep track. Furthermore, we will help your business adhere to the current Australian working standards. Contact our team today!