In the case of restaurants, customer engagement is an essential aspect of customer management. In hospitality sector competition is extremely high and it is becoming increasingly important to retain the customers.

Taking customer feedback is the first step towards customer engagement. Collecting feedback can be a daunting task which can take lots of time and efforts. You can use the feedback system to make the entire process easy and convenient for the customer.

When you ask the customer for feedback they feel valued and it also helps to increase customer engagement. If you invest your time and efforts to take feedback, your target should be to get more and more returns by using this information.

You can use customer feedback to identify and rectify your shortcomings. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can use customer feedback to improve your sales.

Post reviews on your website

Install a feedback system for restaurants and start to take feedback actively from each of your customers. Display these feedbacks loudly on your website so that everyone who visits your website can check these reviews.

You can create a separate page for reviews on your website or can create widgets which display all or some pages of your website.

When you create widgets they constantly reinforced in the mind of anyone who browses your website. Both are the best ways to show off all the nice things which your customer says about you. It will boost the confidence of your potential customer.

The more you will have positive feedback on your website the more trustworthy your restaurant will become and people will start to give you priority to others.

When you have a feedback section on your website your customer can make an informed decision. If you do not have the review section and your competitors have then it is more likely that the potential will buy the product or services from your competitors.

According to the researchers, 92% of customers feel hesitation to buy products or services from the business which do not have customer reviews. Adding reviews to your website not only portray a real picture of you but also makes the browsing experience more enjoyable.

The review section of your website increases the trust of your potential customer in your restaurant and makes them confident to take an informed buying decision. To have a review section on your website can increase your sale and you can stand out in the competition.

Be honest with feedbacks

Your potential customer likes to see the how you dealt with negative feedbacks. If you only keep positive feedback on your website the people who visit your website think you have edited the negative reviews so make sure you portray a real and accurate picture of the past customer experiences.

According to studies, some negative feedback does not affect the buying decision of your customers while all positive reviews mean you will lose your entire potential sale.

Make it both way Communication

To interact with your customer always activate a reply function. Whenever you get a review positive or negative, you can add your comments so that the customers feel that you are listing their comments carefully.

If you get negative feedback make sure to respond and try to improve your services. Address their issue well so that they can consider returning in the future. It will create your image like who care for their customers.

No business is perfect so do not feel void if you get any negative feedback.

Use customer feedback in marketing campaigns

Do not forget to include the customer feedback in your marketing campaigns whether it is online or offline.

Make them more prominent and increase the likelihood of people seeing them. It is easy to include the customer feedback in your marketing material. Make sure you include the customer feedback in a natural way.

Do not include the whole review if it is so long only include a specific part which you think will be most effective for your marketing campaign.

Use customer feedback to improve your products and services

In the feedback, your customer tells you what they are looking for and what they get, so listen to them carefully.

Find out the ways to improve your products and services and ensure that you are solving the problem for them.

Cost of acquiring a new customer is more than retaining an existing customer so use a proper restaurant management software to make your customer happy and to increase the customer engagement.

When the customer becomes frustrated with your product or service they can stop coming to your restaurant so monitor feedback and ensure your customer that you value them and improve your services to make them happy.

Customer feedback is an important part of customer engagement. They not only give the insights about your restaurant but also can be used in a positive way to increase sales.

If you use them to go forward it is worth to take customer feedback otherwise they are waste of time.  If customers are saying nice things about your restaurant, use them to increase your sales and do not forget to improve yourself if you are getting negative reviews.