Funerals are a very difficult time for all concerned. If you have a loved one passed away or just plan ahead for your own future, there are many choices you would have to make. You need to decide on a budget.

An average funeral service can probably cost several thousand dollars, which is a lot when you live frugally. Of course, we all want to give the love and respect that we can offer to the deceased and there are ways to do that in a way that it will not deter our finances during the next few years.

Planning for funerals is very important, many of your choices may depend on your perception of death and religious inclinations; there are obituaries, notices, ceremonies, coffins, sermons, burial sites, attire and a host of other conditions that are tossed at you.

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Gather all the papers: These include a will or written funeral instructions, insurance papers, birth certificates, social security cards or military papers. This information will help assist funeral directors or other staff members with documents such as death certificates and obituaries from newspapers and other important documents.

Determine your budget:  Of course, money is the last thing you want to think about now, but it is important that you think carefully about it before you start planning. It will help you get an idea of what resources you have before talking to a funeral planner. Take a couple of minutes to check the financial resources available for the funeral or funeral service. Does the deceased have regular or funeral insurance? Do you need to pay for the service in advance? Will there be help from the military or other organizations or family members? It helps to understand the budget before you talk to a funeral planner.

Familiar yourself with budget planning: The typical funeral has several parts. The first is a casket cost. While some people are considering buying the most expensive one, you don’t really need to buy the latest model. A casket isn’t that much for the departed but this ‘s more for those still around those who want a beautiful cortege.

As for flowers, instead of using a florist that your funeral director has suggests, ask your talented friends to make the arrangements and/or blanket for you instead.

Especially, make sure you shop around. Like in Melbourne we have Botanical Funerals for budget funerals. Although the idea of shopping for funerals may sound strange, the fact remains that the cremation industry is extremely competitive so there are several funeral directors in any particular area which fairly compete for business.

Conclusion: You should make a detailed list of specific matters related to the funeral. Together with leaving a written copy, it is incredibly helpful to discuss your desires with family and friends so that there is no ambiguity. Be very clear and concise when it gets down to your wishes so that there is no strife at all between friends or family members.