Healing Root Chakra

Its alignment can get disturbed or blocked if you are stressed or worried about some basic need. The state of misalignment or blockage is called Root chakra imbalance. There are certain ways to restore the balance of root chakra and open it. Here you will learn how to open root chakra fast and what steps to follow.

Muladhara often called the root chakra is all about a person’s basic needs. It sits at the start of your spine. When the root chakra is aligned, you will feel stable, at peace, and satisfied with your life.

How to unblock and open the root chakra fast

How to open root chakra Fast

Aligning each chakra has its own benefits on a person’s emotional and bodily wellbeing. With time you will learn techniques to balance all the chakra, but let’s start with the basic one.

It is simple and easy to learn how to balance the root chakra, but it can have a visible impact on your feelings. The sense of stability that you develop will permeate all the aspects of your life.

Here are four useful techniques to open the root chakra fast. It is strongly recommended to make these exercises a part of your daily routine.

1. Use the Root chakra jewelry

Root chakra jewelry

For influencing chakras unique stones are often used. By just holding or wearing these stones, you could be able to unblock or balance a misaligned chakra. Each chakra has its own stone. The color associated with root chakra is red. Here are four traditional stones of the Root chakra.

  • Red Jasper

This stone is connected to balancing. So, if you are dealing with erratic mood swings then this is the ideal stone for you.

  • Red Carnelian

It is a pale red stone having orange hues. It is linked with strength bravery and cleansing.

  • Obsidian

It is a black stone and is known to protect you from any harm.

  • Bloodstone

It is a green stone with red spots. It is said to increase confidence and push away negativity.

2. Use yoga and meditation techniques for the root chakra

yoga and meditation

Meditations can help in the overall healing. These meditation techniques focus on a specific body area. Here are some effective and simple meditations:

  • With your shoulders, back, and spine straight, sit and take deep breaths through your nose.
  • Focus your attention towards the location of the root chakra (base of spine). No=tice the tightening there.
  • Imagine a red glow at the tip of your spine. The picture that glows expanding, warming, and relaxing the area. Rest like this for about 3-5 minutes.
  • When finished, open your eyes slowly and sit for a couple of minutes. Then you can resume your day.

3. Food and diet suggestions

Food and diet suggestions

Reducing saturated fats, salts, and sugars and increasing vegetables and fruits helps open chakras. Organic foods are an excellent option for root chakra. Also,

  • Protein-rich foods

Help increase your emotional and physical strength and grounds you.

  • Red foods

They influence the root chakra and gives you a high amount of vitamin C.

  • Root vegetables

They help you to feel grounded and aligns the chakra.

4. Use root chakra affirmations

Targeted affirmations are very useful for the healing of the root chakra. You can repeat positive statements to yourself several times a day whenever you feel the balance of your chakra going out.

You can say these affirmations before or after your meditation or when you are getting ready for your day. Following are some useful positive statements that you can repeat:

  • ‘I am safe wherever I am’
  • ‘I am relaxed, stable and grounded’
  • ‘My safety needs will be met’
  • ‘My body and mind are healthy and I have a long life to live’
  • ‘The universe is my supporter and guide and it will never betray me’
  • ‘Whenever I need I receive support and I deserve it’
  • ‘I am happy and secure’
  • ‘My root chakra is open and I am stable’

You can even combine yoga poses with the affirmation. People often write down their own affirmations and place them somewhere prominent.

Hence, to understand how to open root chakra fast, you need to know the symptoms of imbalance and understand the techniques to realign them. Once you have identified the issue, you need to practice the four easy step to gain balance.

So open your first chakra and get back your peace of mind and health. Then continue upwards towards the other chakras.