For many years, it has been seen that the most common file format used by Mac or Windows email clients is MBOX format. A maximum number of email applications save their database in .mbox file format and these apps are Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora Mail, Pocomail, Entourage and so on.

When it was announced by Microsoft to release Outlook as a Personal Information Manager cum email application, users keep moving towards it due to its extraordinary features and benefits. And, this reason increases the demand to import MBOX to Outlook Windows application. On the other hand, you know very well, importing an MBOX file in Outlook is not an easy task as many users think.

And, that’s why here we have come up with some possible techniques that will help out to solve the user’s problem of how to open the file in Outlook Windows. The user who wants to catch out the best solution can read out this entire article till the end of the line.

Before directly giving the solution, I want to discuss with you some highlighted or you can say some strong reasons that force the user to perform MBOX to PST conversion process. And these reasons are:

  1. Outlook is the most safe and secure email application as it facilitates with full password protection.
  2. MS Outlook acquires the Anti-Spam facility.
  3. This application is rated as the most popular platform to store and manage database, gives unique features such as Notes, Calendars, Tasks, Journals etc.
  4. Microsoft Outlook supports multiple languages i.e., a total of 96!
  5. Outlook email client can work with many other application like Exchange Server, which gives the facility to manage the emails offline.

Manual Method to Import MBOX to Outlook Windows

The manual solution is available using which users can follow the step-by-step procedure to convert a database from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook application.

Well, this process has been divided into four rounds as shown below:

Round I- Extract the MBOX Data File from Apple Mail Application

  1. Launch the Apple Mail application and directly go to File-> Import Mailboxes
  2. Now, from the Import dialog box, choose the File in MBOX format and press on Continue tab
  3. Then, Navigate to the destination where the MBOX file is stored and choose it for importing
  4. Press on the Done tab when the import process finishes.

Round II- Export that MBOX File to Eudora Email Client

  1. Make sure that your MBOX file is named with the .MBX file extension. If not, then rename it
  2. Now, transfer the file to the default directory where Eudora stores its files. This should be “C:\Documents and Settings\ Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora
  3. Install Eudora app and open the MBOX file by double-click on it
  4. At last on this round, Close Eudora

Round III- Export the Data File from Eudora to Outlook Express

  1. Download and open Outlook Express and go with File -> Import -> Messages
  2. From the displayed list, choose Eudora and press on the Next button
  3. Go and Navigate to the Eudora location where you store that .MBX file
  4. Press OK -> Next -> Next -> Finish.

Round IV- Transferring Outlook Express Data to Outlook Windows

  1. Install and Open Microsoft Outlook and go with File -> Open -> Import
  2. From the next dialog box opens named as Import and Export Wizard, choose Import Internet Mail and Addresses
  3. Press on the Next button and choose the Outlook Express option
  4. Make sure that the Import Mail option is properly checked
  5. Press on the Next button and finally, at last, go with Finish

After following the above-described steps, your Apple Mail data should be manageable through MS Outlook.

Why I Do Not Prefer Manual Solution?

One thing you should know, though the manual technique to import MBOX to Outlook Windows are free of cost and you do not require to spend a single penny to perform the migration process, but users must have a higher technical expertise and a good technical knowledge so that they can perform the conversion so well.

And, on another side, if the person who wants to perform the process is non-technical, then attempting to follow the manual steps might be risky for their whole database. Besides, manual methods need a lot of time of users.

Ending Up

If you realized that above method is not working to resolve your issue, then you can try MBOX to PST Converter software which is suggested a solution by maximum professionals to solute the problem of how to open MBOX file in Outlook Windows. This software gives you 100% successful result only with a single attempt and for trying purpose you can get this software in a free demo version. Don’t worry easily download this application on any Windows versions including 10. As I will not be biased with a particular method, so you are free to go with any of the best solutions between manual technique and professional method. And, at the end ,it’s totally upto you to opt the right solution which is convenient for you to regulate the MBOX to Outlook process.