Increase Traffic To Your Ecommerce Website

The word E-commerce is said to be electronic business and business definitely means profit to be precisely straightforward.  But certainly, there is a gap of worlds between a successful ecommerce site and that which doesn’t hit the breakeven. But does this happen because you have less range of products or the category is limited?  Maybe it’s the design? Nope, its because you haven’t chosen the right path of SEO.

SEO is nothing but extensive workup that enhances promotion to your site.  We have many Ecommerce SEO Services Company in Delhi but smart SEO is something different.  Let us see why?

Focusing on optimization after ranking, your site can give good sales and it is a slow process but consistent and you need much work to do.

What resources do you need when you expect GOOD SEO?

  1. Regular optimization process.
  2. Continuous investment into SEO
  3. Some months of patience.

The common wrong approach to SEO:

Most SEO companies pick up keywords with high search volumes but having competition with big companies using highly competitive keywords will land you nowhere.  That is why you need to be critical of choice in the selection of right keywords with right density.

People also think that SEO is not required at all since Google indexes your website using keywords and brings in new traffic.  But this is not the case. If you think so, your competitors will use SEO and route your client traffic to their site harming your business.

To say it simply, you will lose money without good SEO.  For that, obviously, you need to invest monthly.


Do the Smart search:

If you want to target 10 times of the traffic you are currently getting, it means 10x earning to your site.  If you have searched for boxes, you can reduce competition by using unique keywords like wooden boxes, corrugated boxes or metal boxes as a distinct category.  Long tail version keywords mean to be uncommon.

Set up category pages:

Varied items with different categories will be better than a single product with just different sizes.  This will help increase your AOV. Category pages with high ranking keywords can trigger searches to your store.

Link building:

Except to the above, good links and backlinks from famous sites can give a site the much-needed hype provided Google is able to crawl it.  If there is difficulty crawling or indexing, linking will become ineffective. There are websites for crawling online companies and showing resource sites need to prefer.

Avoid Duplicity:

Often there is cut and paste of content from different sites restructured to fit in the website, but Google has smart bots like Panda that forbids copied content and the site will fail flat if such content is found by Google.

Create genuine product descriptions:

Many e-commerce stores simply cut and paste product description from other sites and the pages are filled with similar material. Visitors landing on these sites may not convert if they find uninteresting material.  Making original content in every category and product page is an important thing to follow.

Use highly valuable images:

Customers are interested towards illustrations first than first reading text.  A high-resolution clear image will bring in more people to conversion. Also, images of original products must be used so the customer knows the exact design and color of that item.  This will make them buy the product without a second thought.

Use catchy one-liners:

Try to display some catchy product description and one-liners with exciting or maybe little questions or short sentences so the viewer likes to read it further.  Also, attach a few good photos with description. Great product descriptions allow customers to understand about a product.

Put Customer Reviews:

Putting up what your previous customer felt about the product is an effective way to highlight your product importance.  Testimonials push your sales further as they tell people about the experience of others shopping at a site so they too can shop there without doubts about your company.  It increases your conversion rate and trust.

Competitor Review:

With many online sites, it is now possible to check what makes competitor a strong contender to your products.  Competitor analysis will work for you as it shows the working strategy of your competitors and you can follow it too.

First, check out a product with the main keyword you want to rank for and obtain 10-12 results.  Copy their URLs to an Excel sheet and use a good online competitive analysis tool to find the backlinks pointing to your competitors.

Guest Posting:

SEO needs many strategies to play and one of them is guest posting.  When you contribute to another person’s blog, you build the relationship, authority with an audience and publish backlinks to your site.  The links must add value to a post and have further information with additional resources. This is a strong marketing option wherein you can cash in some valued bloggers’ goodwill by hosting their blogs.

In a guest posting ensure:

  • Your page can be navigated from the homepage.
  • The host blog is indexed in Google.
  • This is a genuine site where you blog.

From this article, we understand that e-commerce is a great platform which can be resourced highly by using relevant SEO techniques.  While good SEO strategies bring in huge traffic flows but due to rigid policies of Google and its bots, even expert SEO techniques may falter because these mistakes tend to have an adverse effect on sales:

  • First, copy and paste practice from content to product description is deemed to be penalized by Google.
  • Then, it describes more about the product whose description you copied rather than yours.
  • The content becomes stereotypical.
  • It can miss out on important features of the products, not on their benefits

With a good SEO start and avoiding such mistakes, you can get the help of the services offered by an ecommerce SEO company in Delhi that can help you with competitor analysis, link building and other vital strategies to greatly increase traffic to your eCommerce store and generate profits.