Real Happiness

People often say that real happiness is a myth. In today’s fast pacing world, everyone is trying to be happy, while in reality, very few people have an idea about the real happiness. Happiness can be divided into multiple layers. Apparently, in this world, everyone is happy at a superficial layer. It is like giving a continuous effort for something that you are not even close to. Probably, it is the materialistic perception that is working on the front surface. If we try to think closely, we will find out that most people are unable to define whether they are happy or unhappy. Well! It proves that life is not a 21 questions game where everything is defined. After everything, only one questions emerge and that is what real happiness is. So, let’s talk about how to find out real happiness.

  1. Are you Running Behind False Advertisements?

For every individual, the definition of happiness changes. Some people have no expectation or absolutely no desire from life. Whereas, some are constantly running behind money and fame. The more twisted things happen when we start believing in the false advertisements.

You might have seen that there are many ads where the anchors put on loads of makeup and advise young girls to avoid makeup. They also preach that how everyone should be happy irrespective of how they look and also they should not use loads of makeup. This is an extreme level of hypocrisy.

If the anchors were that confident of their skin, they should have left it bare. But, we all know what the reality is. And, thissingle incident is enough to prove that running behind false advertisements or preaching can never buy you the happiness. Anything based on false perceptions is not acceptable at all. So, it is always the best way to use self-judgments in order to find out the real happiness.

  1. Social Media – Is it Detrimental?

The influence of social media on our lives is immense. The people all over the social media platforms have a very rigid perception about almost everything. From these inflexible ideologies, a wide angle of judgments appears which is quite harmful to an individual.

Often, people get affected by the netizens in such a way, that they end up to believe in some wrong things. For them, the perception of beauty and happiness change. They tend to believe that those who are beautiful and have money, are the happiest person in the whole world. These things are evidently devastating.

This is us, who need to differentiate between the right and the wrong, real and fake. The influence of social media is so immense, that it often poses a barrier on the path of finding the real happiness. Real happiness is not a myth, but not everyone is fortunate enough to find it out. Just believe it that you are amazing the way you are.

  1. The Importance of Money

Money is a parameter that many people try to measure the happiness with. Undoubtedly, it has no practical relevance. Money is definitely a parameter but that should be looked at the token for exchanging goods. Money is important, but not at the cost of happiness.

Happiness is a stage that cannot be bought with anything. Money can give a person a subtle happiness but it is something that continues to loop inside a person’s mind. So, happiness plays in the backstage and has a very minimal connection with money. Thus, it is truly important to understand that materialistic benefits can never provide a person the real happiness.

There are many ways to be happy. But real happiness is a rare gem to find out. These 3 ways are amazing to understand the concept of real happiness in brief. We can assure you that happiness is just a few miles away from you.