Trip To Croatia

As an emerging tourist destination, Croatia has something for every traveler. With over a thousand islands, eight national parks, seven World Heritage sites, and scenic coastlines, there’s so much to see and do. Make sure that you don’t miss Croatia and get to enjoy every moment with these travel tips.

Rent a Car

Although many people try to explore the country by bus, Croatia is most accessible by car. It has great roads and small villages that you’ll want to explore. It’s an easy country to navigate by car though. When visiting the islands, ferries are going to be the best option. Sometimes they are the only way to get to islands so make your travel plans accordingly. Buses are an option but you often miss out on the less traveled areas.

Check Out Smaller Towns

Croatia has a fairly busy tourist season but even at the height of it, you can still find areas that are off the beaten path. If you enjoy the more traveled areas, you’ll want to visit the main attractions like Zagreb, Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik. These medieval towns have a great deal to offer tourists and are fun for a few days.
However, take some time to explore Croatia’s hidden gems, coastal towns, beaches, and natural sites. For example, Vis Island is close to the town of Split and accessible by ferry. You can enjoy the island greenery and picturesque stone villas. The seafood here is amazing and the secluded beaches make it a great place to visit.

Visit World Heritage Sites

Although you may not be able to get all of the Unesco sites, you should try to fit in at least a few. The Euphrasian Basilica in Porec is probably the top of your list and well worth the trip. If you want to experience a site that’s not related to architecture, then consider the Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests in the national parks Paklenica and Northern Velebit.

Stay in Apartments or Villas

Although your choice of accommodations may depend on your budget and availability, your best choices are going to be apartment or villa rentals. Many Croatians rent apartments to tourists. They are not only expensive but also offer more space and may be in a better location. Similarly, villa rentals are great when you want to enjoy privacy at night. Most villa rentals are located off the large resorts and offer peace, quiet, and great views.

Try Local Food and Wines

The local wines in Croatia are very good. Many small family-run wineries lead the way with grapes such as Malvazija, a dry white. The food is Mediterranean and heavily based on fish. Keep in mind that Croatian food is best when it’s fresh and local so visit the places that the locals recommend.
Although your trip to Croatia can vary a great deal depending on your preferences, use these tips to get the most from your trip. You don’t want to miss anything that the country has to offer so don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path when you’re there.