You know it’s time to scrub your microwave once objectionable smells fill the kitchen anytime you open the appliance door. fortunately, there are at least a handful of easy ways in which to scrub a microwave exploitation common home items that will already be in your storeroom. prepare to say goodbye to that odor of burnt popcorn!

No matter what technique you decide on, the primary step in cleansing a microwave is to wipe down all interior surfaces with a soft sponge or paper towels. For any stubborn food residue, use a plastic kitchen hand tool. Tempting although it should be, steel wool should be avoided; it leaves scratches that ruin the microwave’s end. Once you’ve given the interior a primary pass, attempt one among these 3 approaches for an honest, thorough cleansing.

Here, we are discussing some steps to make your Microwave clean

Step 1 – Fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and add either a drizzle of dish soap or a tablespoon of white vinegar, whichever you’ve got handy.

Step 2– Let it cook for concerning one to 2 minutes looking on however sturdy your microwave is. you would like it to induce nice and sticky however not overboil or swarm of the bowl. By microwaving initial, you’re rental the steam does most of the work for you.

Step 3– Once the time is finished, keep the door closed for concerning 3 minutes, and let the heating up the lowest, sides, and roof of your microwave.

Step 4– when the 3 minutes area unit up, fastidiously take away the bowl. You’ll in all probability use a pot holder or cloth to avoid burning yourself, as it’s getting to be hot.

Step 5– Wipe off all the edges with a towel or cloth, and clean the rotating plate rather like you’d a traditional plate. If need be, you’ll run it through the dishwasher.

Step 6– relish your lovely, clean microwave.

One thing to note: If you don’t have dish soap or vinegar, you’ll cut a lemon in half, place it in a very bowl packed with water, and cook it for 5 minutes. this selection is that the most natural, and therefore the heated lemon makes your room smell nice for a number of hours.

Whenever your microwave is commencing to smell a touch funky, you’ll know how to allow it an intensive clean in just a number of minutes. And to prolong the number of your time in between deep cleans, attempt adjusting your microwave to a lower power setting, notably once heating up foods that area unit liable to splattering.

But once it involves using a microwave, there’s nothing worse than heating up a chunk of pizza pie and tasting this morning’s oatmeal or last night’s chicken and rice. You’ve probably had that experience at some purpose, and it will downgrade the consumption expertise. If you open the door of your microwave and smell roast pork from 2 days past, it’s time to provide that appliance a pleasant and completely clean. A towel with heat water isn’t planning to cut it now.

Some remedies help you to clean your Kitchen Appliances-


lemon juice

Lemons hold citric acid, which cuts into grease and dirt and leaves behind a nice fragrance. Cut two whole lemons into prongs, then clutch or pinch the juice of each one into a small, microwave-safe mixing pan. Once you have juiced them, throw the lemon peels into the bowl, along with two or three cups of water. And use this remedy to clean your microwave.


Vinegar and baking soda mix to create a powerful cleaning medium. Both are cheap, and most people manage to keep a box or bottle of each item on hand. Also, it’s deserving mentioning that vinegar acts as a natural or general disinfectant.


Various commercial cleaners are available in the market. Typically, these provide strong and in my judgment quite offensive fumes, which keep in the microwave and can make your food taste a little off. If you want to try a market cleaner, I recommend you to purchase a fume-free product and letting the door attain open for a couple of hours after you finish cleaning.

Your microwave has to be sparkling inside or outside both of the sides and if it isn’t, don’t worry: the method is unbelievably simple and can solely take regarding 5 minutes. Here are a small stages guide the way to get your appliance sparkling white in no time in the smallest degree.